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Top 10 smartest dogs in the world

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The most intelligent dog breeds on earth — where does your pup rank?

Man’s best friend is considered one of the most intelligent animals, right up there with chimpanzees, elephants and even squirrels. But as most dog lovers know, some breeds are noticeably smarter than others. We’ve taken the time to rank the top 10 smartest dog breeds in the world — so you can find out if your furry companion should go to the head of the class.

8. Papillon

The most intelligent dog breeds on earth — where does your pup rank?
Image: Rico./Flickr

This deceptively cute, butterfly-eared dog is smarter, tougher and stronger than it appears (it's like the bionic dog). Often described as a big dog in a little body, it has the athletic stamina to keep up on long walks and the bravura of a canine 10 times its size. The Papillon is a true companion and watchdog. Although they can be ferociously protective over what belongs to them, their keen intelligence makes it possible to take them anywhere. Let's not forget they can be litter-box trained, a big plus.

These sweet pooches are a teensy 10-inches high and weigh only 9 pounds, perfect for those with smaller homes or apartments.

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