On Your Bark, Get Set, Go!

What's better than being tiny, physically fit and truly adored by everyone around you? Having a title to go with it, of course!

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New York City

Name: Maddy
Age: 2.5
Hometown: New York City
PETCO Unleashed veteran or novice: Veteran (national winner in 2007 and regional racer in 2006)
Sex: F
Description: Little Rascal
Pet Parent: Sue Yee
Favorite Toy: Towley the bear, chew sticks
Regional Race Time: 2.3 seconds
Training Tricks: "Racing between her two trainers, swimming at the doggy beach, and doggy yoga."
Most Memorable Moment: "Appearing on the Today Show with Al and Natalie!"
How did she get her name: "She is named after the storybook young, French orphan girl named Madeline, and it suits her just fine!"
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Comments on "Who will be America's fastest Chihuahua?"

joshua brown January 16, 2012 | 11:20 AM

that sucks because my dog otis : male 5 years old runs 100 feet in two seconds.

Judith Jeannotte May 22, 2009 | 2:20 PM

Have I missed the qualifying race here in San Diego?

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