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10 Small dog breeds that are great with children

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Pint-sized puppy love

Every child should experience the warm, furry bliss of puppy love. Since smaller canines can be less intimidating to children, consider one of these small dog breeds that are great with kids.


Pint-sized puppy love

Photo credit: erin_akehurst via Instagram

This pint-sized pup has an irresistible face and prominently curved tail that any child will find intriguing. The Pug does especially well in a moderate climate but is just as comfortable hanging out indoors to keep your kiddos entertained.


Yorkshire Terrier

Pint-sized puppy love

Photo credit: paulasmithfitness via Instagram

Though a tiny canine, the Yorkie has a big adventurous personality that makes it an engaging dog. This affectionate pint-sized pup is an ideal pet if your family loves travel — it will keep your kids affectionately entertained in the back seat while you're en route.


Miniature Schnauzer

Pint-sized puppy love

Photo credit: howwo via Instagram

The most popular of the three Schnauzer breeds (which include the giant and standard sizes), the Mini Schnauzer is an intelligent and cheerful canine that is as happy hanging out in the house with the family as it is romping outdoors with the kids in the yard or at the park.



Pint-sized puppy love

Photo credit: mummyhuzza via Instagram

One of our favorite small dogs, the Beagle is naturally communal and friendly with humans and other animals. This curious, energetic pup will keep the kids on their toes as it needs love and exercise to keep itself out of trouble.



Pint-sized puppy love

Photo credit: frick275 via Instagram

This toy-sized silky-coated canine is in high demand as a family pet because of its affectionate temperament, easy trainability and hypoallergenic non-shedding coat. The Havanese is as eager to be a loved-on lap dog as it is to playfully chase the kids around.


Shetland Sheepdog

Pint-sized puppy love

Photo credit: dirtydalton via Instagram

If you've got a big yard or live on a farm, the Sheltie will keep your kids well-exercised. One of the best obedience breeds, this long-haired, energetic beauty thrives on physical and mental activity.


Boston Terrier

Pint-sized puppy love

Photo credit: mhorne99 via Instagram

The Boston Terrier is a diminutive dapper-looking dog that has a gentle disposition and enjoys being close by its family's side.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Pint-sized puppy love

Photo credit: mnewson86 via Instagram

Naturally gentle and friendly, the Cavalier is easy to train and a trustworthy companion for children. This soft, silky-coated canine is content being a lap dog or playing with the kids.


Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pint-sized puppy love

Photo credit: mortythecorgi via Instagram

Bold and friendly, the Corgi thrives on having work to do. Considered a herding dog, this strong, sturdy pup is ideal if your family lives on a farm but, if given adequate mental and physical stimulation, can adapt easily to any living situation.


Miniature Poodle

Pint-sized puppy love

Photo credit: littlecandystyle via Instagram

The pint-sized Miniature Poodle is a top pet choice for kids with allergies. Highly intelligent, this cuddly fluff ball easily entertains its family with smile-evoking antics and heartwarming cuddles.

Pint-sized puppy loveImportant note:

In general, the small dog breeds on our list are good with kids. However, keep in mind that any dog, regardless of breed, can be a danger to children. Be sure to properly train and supervise your pup around your kids as well as teach your children how to properly handle their pets.

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