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Choosing to add a furry friend to your growing household is a long-term commitment, and picking a breed that fits your lifestyle presents the key to a happy home. With over 160 American Kennel Club-recognized breeds, that decision can seem overwhelming. We're here to help you meet the breed that's right for you. If you're looking for a loving guard dog to bring into your family home, learn everything you need to know about the American Eskimo Dog.
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Originally descended from the German Spitz, this breed's name was changed to American Eskimo Dog due to the poor relations between the U.S. and Germany during World War I. Bred as a working dog, the Eskie enjoys being busy and life on the farm. Extremely smart, this breed is eager to please his master, loves all members of the family and is very protective.

Is this breed right for you?

An active and intelligent breed, the American Eskimo Dog requires a lot of attention and firm training. Doing well with kids and animals, this working dog enjoys being busy. Not recommended for apartment life, the Eskie needs a lot of daily exercise and a yard to play freely in. It's essential that he receives training, firm leadership and attention. If not, it's likely that the Eskie will act out and display negative behaviors. A true watchdog, he will protect the family from strangers but is happily friendly with family members and friends. In need of a lot of grooming, this breed needs twice-weekly to daily brushing.

A dream day in the life of a American Eskimo Dog

An alert breed, it's likely the American Eskimo Dog will be awake before any other family members. Out the door to scour the yard for any intruders or to work the farm, this breed will be happy to trot around until he hears someone in the kitchen. After his daily walk, the Eskie will be happy to receive a bit of petting and praise. Playing around with the kids, he'll keep himself busy going in and out of the house. Lying at the foot of his master at the end of the day, the Eskie will keep his ears up all night for anything that doesn't sound right.

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Comments on "Meet the breed: American Eskimo Dog"

Stacie February 26, 2014 | 10:42 AM

I have to disagree with your rating system for Eskies. I've been rescuing these dogs for over 20 years now, and they are super intelligent, and super easy to train. Also, with proper training the can do very well with apartment living. The key to the breed is they were bred to be companion dogs, meaning they have to be a part of your family. So as long as you include them in your family activities, they do quite well. We've never had any trouble training them. They pick up on things very quickly because they are so smart. They do tend to have a longer puppy stage that other breeds, but with proper socialization they really are the best 'people' pet you can have. One thing to bare in mind is that they are double coated and take a lot of grooming. Keep a tape roller handy. Daily brushing helps keep down all that hair. We make it a night time ritual. When I sit down to watch the news I have a pup in my lap brushing them. Shaving them is NOT a good idea as they have the coat they do for a reason. Regular grooming is the key.

donna February 08, 2014 | 8:26 PM

I have owned two Eskies. Love them both. Our experience has been that they as NOT good with children. They we excellent watch dogs and Love to travel Excellent companion dogs They do shed and we take them to be groomed once a month. They we a beautiful dog The oldest one lived to be 19 And I still have the female. She is 11 y old and shows no sign of slowing down I would not say they a beginner dog. But someone who has had dogs. They are extremely intelligent and easly trained.

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