To Trust Or
Not To Trust

Most of the time we like to imagine pet owners are wonderful, trustworthy people that watch their animals around the clock, but the truth is, you can't be with your dog every second of every day and sometimes craziness happens. Here are 13 dogs in sticky situations that make us ask, "Where are their owners?" and "How on earth did they get into this situation in the first place?"

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"Are my puppy-dog eyes working
here or should I add a whimper?"

Dog eating toliet paper

Photo credit: hapagleason via Instagram

"My work here is done."

Dog who has gotten into garbage

Photo credit: amwhitener1 via Instagram

"De-Lay-cious! Wait, too far?"

Dog with head in bag of potato chips

Photo credit: ileanitus via Instagram

"You are not getting me to come down. Nope, not ever."

Dog on kitchen counter

Photo credit: trose8492 via Instagram

"Would you believe me if
I said I was simply taking a bath?"

Dog in bathtub

Photo credit: jumabe via Instagram

"Are we pretending this was an accident, then?"

Dog in box

Photo credit: sinhcredible via Instagram

"Everything is under control.
Now please leave me be for the next five minutes or so."

Dog stuck in blinds

Photo credit: digthislude via Instagram

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