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Even dog people will crack up for these videos!

Cats have the perfect ingredients for a funny video: They're smart, sly and a tad bit crazy! Watch these funny creatures in action with the 10 most hilarious feline videos the web has to offer.


Funniest kitty-versus-the-bathtub moment

hiatus86 via YouTube

"Hey, what's this bathtub business all about?" She's thinking about it, she's not sure and then wham! She's in the bathtub and is freaking out!


Best slappy hands

Kyle Block via YouTube

"Psht, get out of my face, dog!" It's a never-ending battle between cat versus dog. But in this video, the kitty gets a bit slap-happy when she faces her dog opponent.


The most entertaining cat post-op

nizedk via YouTube

"Hiiiyaaa, ma! Gots any ca-ca-catnap?" If this kitty was pulled over by the cat police, he definitely wouldn't be able to drive himself home. Get ready to be the designated driver of this silly sedated cat.


Best use of a laser pointer

BREAK via YouTube

"I'm gonna get you, I'm gonna get you!" Boom! You know your kitty is going to follow his laser pointer wherever it goes, so why not have fun with it? Red cups, a laser, plus one very gullible kitty equals kitty bowling at its finest!


The most hilarious video game reenactment

Ignoramusky via YouTube

"What is that noise? I just can't help myself..." Pounce! Mario's never made us laugh this hard. A kitty with a little "control A" action all his own.


Best human voice-over

JC Elliot via YouTube

The cats are funny, but let's be honest... it's the humans that make this video something you want to show your friends.


Best "wait for it" moment


The first two minutes of the video is the cat competing with himself in the mirror. But wait for it... the last couple of seconds will make you fall on the floor laughing... just like the kitty!


The most functional yet funny cat moment

texasgirly1979 via YouTube

"Never. Walking. Again!" This kitty has a Rhoomba and he knows how to use it! From swatting at the deserving dog to peeking in the trash, this cat is smart and mischievous.


Top trending


"Twerk, twerk, get it, girl!" She can't help herself from following the Miley Cyrus trend.


Funniest cat video set to music

Chris Neikirk via YouTube

This compilation of cat videos is pretty funny, but set to AWOLNATION's hit "Sail," it's been taken to a whole new level of awesome!

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Comments on "10 Cat videos even cat haters will love"

EditorSue March 14, 2014 | 11:48 PM

Never could understand "cat haters." Doesn't make sense to hate a whole species when one has not met every single member of it and actually found that he or she "hates" them all. Same goes for the growing number of "dog haters" and related sites. Hate is a destructive emotion that is usually reserved for those who commit the most heinous crimes against us. "Hating" any whole group is just plain dumb. I've been bitten by seven different dogs in my lifetime and I don't "hate dogs." Don't like them at all and wouldn't have one, but "hate" is scary and encourages a mindset that allows for bigotry, biases and "hate" for other entire groups. Sad. As Maya said, the dog has the potential to kill the kitty in the second video. Dogs kill cats and other animals with alarming frequency but dog people always have an excuse for these little darlings even when they bite, maim and kill people. That's all okay, I guess. Dogs who kill should be put down, they generally repeat that killer behavior and babies, toddlers, kids, even adults become victims. No dog can be trusted. The internet is full of adorable cat videos. People can't get enough of them!

Maya March 11, 2014 | 11:30 AM

I'm a cat hater (sorry not sorry) and I didn't love there videos. I found the second one very irresponsible. It's all okay when the cat is attacking the dog but that dog has the potential to kill the cat. If it does it would be put down, all because the owners found it funny.

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