30 Thanksgiving Table Decor Crafts for Kids

For the Martha Stewarts of the world, putting together a Thanksgiving table means building an intricate, elegant masterpiece. But where's the fun in that? Are turkey and all the fixin's as enjoyable if you're worried about someone elbowing that crystal candle holder when they go to reach for the gravy? These are Thanksgiving things we ask ourselves.

On the other hand, a Thanksgiving table just isn't complete without some sort of festive decor. So why not aim for something for a little less breakable and a lot more fun? Translation: Get your kids involved in sprucing up the spread.

There are tons of easy table decorations kids can make themselves, and crafts are the perfect way to let them tap into their creativity while boosting self-esteem — because they'll be so proud after putting the finishing touches on these Thanksgiving crafts. Keeping kids occupied and getting the decorating done? Talk about killing two, um, turkeys with one stone.

Originally published November 2015. Updated November 2017.

Your kids can work on their shapes while putting together these adorable turkeys.

Simple, easy and attractive — it's amazing what you can do with a thumbprint at Thanksgiving.

Not only is gratitude turkey a great craft, it also provides a wonderful way for the entire family to share what they're thankful for.

Paper bags and popcorn give you a turkey you can decorate and then eat while watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

Kids have been making handprint turkeys forever because they're awesome. Here, you can add feathers and clothespins to turn them into place cards.

It's a keepsake! It's a turkey! It's a turkey keepsake! And it's a take-home gift the grandparents will appreciate more than leftover mashed potatoes.

Who doesn't love a mini pumpkin? Nobody. Who doesn't love a mini pumpkin made to look like a turkey? Extra nobody.

Another way to collect the reasons everyone at the table is thankful, but this time in a turkey box. A turkey box! What more needs to be said?

Take the kids for a walk, find some beautiful leaves, and glue them into some ridiculously cute turkeys.

Golden gourds are just pretty. And then you just make a slit and put a card in, and your guests will think you are super-fancy and talented. 

This is another keepsake your guests can take home with them. Let your kids' imaginations go wild as they come up with Thanksgiving art to put on their place mats.

Recycling at its best — take those juice boxes and turn them into turkeys!

This is just about the most creative use for coffee filters we've ever seen.

Paper bag turkey puppets are adorable and also provide for some awesome dinnertime conversation.

These turkey cones will liven up your table and can double as fun party hats.

Coco29's craft stick scarecrows would make for lovely coasters to liven up the Thanksgiving table.

Adorable turkey finger puppets will be a hit at the kids table.

Kids can count their blessings — and then display them for the family to see.

Just a couple of pinecones, some paper, glue and glitter are all you need to to make cute turkey table toppers.

This personalized table runner will add a little fun to your feast.

These feathered guys are easy to display on the table.

These silly decorations make for a precious keepsake to use year after year.

Paper bag drumstick place settings are an amazing photo op.