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Vowel baby names start with the letters A, E, I, O and U and can be a perfect match for your last name. You may be surprised at what we’ve come up with.

Vowels, in phonetic terms, are sounds in human language that are pronounced with an open vocal tract. In written English, we use A, E, I, O and U to represent vowel sounds, and sometimes Y stands in for a vowel sound as well. Vowel baby names are those names that begin with a vowel — some are popular baby names, such as Ava and Andrew, but even more are unique.

The vowel sounds

Words and names that begin with vowels can be soft and pretty, but they can also sound strong and important. Names that begin with a vowel can be easily paired with any middle or last name, and can sometimes flow better than names that begin with consonants.

They also make great middle names, but whether you use a vowel name for the first spot or the second, you might want to make sure that it doesn’t create initials that might be a little embarrassing for the child in the future (Aiden Samuel Smith, for example, or Clara Odette White). But ounce for ounce, these baby names carry a lot of weight, and can really add a nice touch to your child’s full name.

Vowel baby names for boys

Vowel baby names for girls

  • Ada: Noble
  • Adira: Powerful, noble
  • Aida: Reward, present
  • Aiko: Little loved one
  • Aleta: Footloose
  • Alta: High, elevated
  • Amara: Everlasting
  • Avis: Bird
  • Echo: Reflected sound
  • Eira: Snow
  • Eleri: Enough
  • Eris: From Greek mythology
  • Ianthe: Violet flower
  • India: From the name of the country
  • Ione: Violet
  • Iris: Rainbow
  • Ivy: Name of the plant
  • Odessa: Angry man
  • Oma: Leader
  • Oona: One
  • Orane: Sunrise
  • Orinda: Pretty gold
  • Ula: Wealthy, gem
  • Ulva: Wolf
  • Uma: Flax, bright
  • Usha: Dawn, a princess

Don't rush to pick a baby name — these vowel baby names will be a good place to start though, and may really inspire you as you build your baby's name list. Share them with your partner and see which names he likes the best — you may come up with the perfect name together.

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