Kids learning on iPad

Summer reading doesn’t have to be exclusively on paper. Discover great reading games that boost kids' reading power over the summer. Used in moderation, these are a great way to keep kids sharp.

Plug in to reading

This summer, keep your kid sharp while she's plugged in. Discover the best digital reading tools, from video games to virtual reading trackers.

Bookmark the best free online reading games

During the summer, even the most active kids will want to spend a little time at the computer. Make that screen time educational by encouraging your child to play free online reading games. Up until a certain age, kids will be oblivious to whether or not a game is for learning or for fun. Make the most of that sweet spot while your kids are little.

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Download the best reading apps

If you own a Kindle Fire, consider subscribing to Kindle FreeTime Unlimited. This service allows parents to create a kid-friendly dashboard for children ages 3 to 8. You choose whether or not your child has access to games or videos. During the summer, allow access to reading games and ebooks to help your child stay sharp.

Encourage video games that involve reading

Encourage your child to play kid-friendly RPGs. If you don’t know what RPG stands for, don’t worry. Your kid probably doesn't either. The term has become so ubiquitous it’s rarely spelled out as role-playing game. If your child loves video games but you don’t love all that screen time, encourage her to try a game that involves a lot of reading.

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Help your child use an online reading minutes tracker

For kids who enjoy competing and prizes, you can’t beat the Scholastic Summer Challenge 2013. This free online program lets kids log reading minutes. The site lets kids choose what they want to read, whether that’s the latest young adult romance or a comic book. Kids can log in and track their progress, see how their school measures up and win virtual prizes for reading. This is a great option for kids who already have an interest in reading. Chances are your child already loves a Scholastic title, making the themed areas of the Summer Challenge especially exciting to your young reader.

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