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Magical names: Witch and warlock baby names

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The power of magic

Literature and legend are full of stories of those who have the power of magic. If you’re a little on the geeky side, or interested in magic and sorcery, these witch, wizard and warlock baby names may be just up your alley.
The power of magic

Witches and warlocks, wizards and sorcerers — tales of these magical beings go back centuries and fill the myths and legends of ancient civilizations as well as the pages of our favorite books, the screens of our video games and beloved films.

Characters from these stories can choose to use magic for good or evil, but one thing is for sure — they have a lot of power, and that power can be used many ways. From Arthurian legend to Greek mythology to Disney movies to Tolkien to the Legend of Zelda, we’ve found quite a few names that would make a really unique and interesting baby name.

Witch names for girls

These witchy names have beauty or historical legend behind them — sometimes both. Evanora would be a beautiful first name, or what about Medea for a quirky middle name? These girl names are so fun you may not be able to choose just one.

  • Bavmorda: Antagonist of Willow
  • Circe: Greek lore
  • Evanora: Wicked Witch of the East
  • Glinda: Good Witch of the South
  • Jadis: White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Kotake and Koume: Ganon’s surrogate mothers, from Legend of Zelda
  • Locasta: Good Witch of the North
  • Maleficent: Witch from Sleeping Beauty
  • Mary: Mary Poppins
  • Medea: Greek lore
  • Morgan: Arthurian lore
  • Rita: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers
  • Theodora: Wicked Witch of the West
  • Tia: From Pirates of the Caribbean

Wizard or warlock names for boys

These magical boy names carry a lot of weight behind them. Merlin is one of the most recognizable names here, but some other familiar names take on new meaning in a magical world, such as Oscar or Blaise. Other names are truly unique.

  • Alatar: Tolkienian name — one of the two blue wizards
  • Atlantes: Sorcerer from “The Matter of France”
  • Bloise, Blaise or Blaze: Merlin’s master, Arthurian lore
  • Gandalf: Tolkienian name — the gray wizard
  • Ganon or Ganondorf: Warlock; and antagonist of most Legend of Zelda iterations
  • Gwydion: Welsh mythology
  • Merlin: Arthurian lore
  • Ommin: A Sith Sorcerer, Tales of the Jedi
  • Oscar: Wizard of Oz
  • Pallando: Tolkienian name — one of the two blue wizards
  • Prospero: Shakespearean name
  • Puck: Shakespearean name
  • Radagast: Tolkienian name — the brown wizard
  • Rincewind: Discworld, technically a “wizzard”
  • Saruman: Tolkienian name — the white wizard

Which name you choose is up to you, but you can’t go wrong when you choose a magical baby name.

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