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Admit it — you’re obsessed. From their pretty little heads to their teeny tiny tootsies, your baby is your favorite photography subject. You’re not alone! Family and friends love to see those photos, too. They don’t stay babies forever, so capturing the moment while it’s happening is crucial. These photo ideas will make sure you remember your little one as they were, even as they grow.



Capture a straight on photo of your baby smiling in the same location each month. It will give them a direct visual comparison of their growth process when they’re older.


Monthly check in

You’re the crafty type, so mark each month with a photo and a visual milestone. Is the little one turning 3 months? Paint wooden letters to represent that, then place them in front of Junior and snap!


Height marker

When your tot is old enough to stand, start to mark their height on the wall. Each month, snap a photo of their growth process.


Date with daddy

Plop the wee one on daddy’s lap from birth to toddler age. He’ll always be there for them, and now you have photographic proof.


Kiss from mommy

In the same location, plant a kiss on your baby’s head and take a self-portrait, showing your love for them doesn’t know time.



What did baby learn this month? Show your tot with their new favorite activity this month. It might change quickly from month to month, but you’ll have the memory forever.


Learning twinkle

From the time your baby is born, they’re constantly learning. Grab a picture as your child learns each month and watch their intelligence develop on film.


Onesie badge

Create your own decorative paper badge with a numeral representing each month, then pin it to your baby’s white onesie. Get a photo of that smiling mug at every age.


Outgrowing clothes

When your child is a newborn, odds are relatives will give you clothes they can “grow into.” Well, eventually they grow out of them too. Put your newborn in the oversized outfit, then take a picture each month. Eventually they won’t fit!


Upset but cute

What upset your baby last time? Even though they might be crying, your little one learns something every time they’re upset. What makes them cry one month won’t happen the next as they learn. Snap a picture of the big scary thing each month.


Inch marker

Soon your baby will be growing faster than you can keep up. Before they start walking, measure them in inches on camera. Mark the inches each month, then do the same the following month. Snap a photo with an amazing DSLR camera, like the Canon SL1, using the action setting before baby moves!


Getting cooler every day

Your little one is learning and growing every day, so make them more adult month by month. A mini leather jacket works for month 2, but by month 10 Junior should be wearing sunglasses, floaties and ready to catch some waves in a Hawaiian shirt.


Size comparison

You know when people put cans of soda next to a tiny puppy? Yeah, kind of like that. Find your child’s favorite object and put it next to them each month from baby to toddler. Snap a picture for an idea of your baby’s growth.


Sleeping angel

Hey, you might only have time to capture your baby’s photo as they’re sleeping, but wouldn’t that make a great photo collage someday? Nothing’s more peaceful than a sleeping baby – especially after a day of chaos.


Mitts and tootsies

Capture your baby’s hands and feet as they slowly grow from month to month, slowly evolving into mitts and tootsies capable of taking on the world.


Chalkboard milestones

Creatively draw each month on a chalkboard, then capture your baby’s smiling face next to it. It’s a mug shot, but much more adorable than what you’d see at a police station.


Pardon the mess

What kind of mess did your little one make this month? They might be tough to clean up now, but messy, candid photos will be valued down the line.


With the pet

If your pet is good with your child, odds are they’ll be become best buds. Snag a photo of both each month as their relationship evolves.


Balloon celebration

Each month, inflate an extra balloon and let it float above your baby. At 12 months, it’ll be time for 12 balloons – and a birthday party!


Cradle rockers

Get a shot of your baby in their bed smiling until they’ve fully outgrown a crib, and it’s time for a full-on bed!

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