Mother's Day:
Who Honors Whom?

Every year, couples bicker about Mother's Day. Should a husband honor his wife as the mother of his children or should he honor his own mother? Find out how real couples celebrate this sentimental holiday.

Mary and Murray

Mary and Murray

Shocked by his silence:

"I'll never forget my first Mother's Day. Our newborn daughter was just 5 months old, and I couldn't wait to see how my husband would mark the special occasion. Imagine my shock when that all-important Sunday came and went without a word or gesture for this new mom. When pressed, Murray innocently admitted that it never occurred to him to honor me. 'You're not my mom,' he explained."

Laura and Lindsey

Laura and Lindsey

Honoring other mothers when the hubby's away:

"My husband will still be deployed this Mother's Day, so I'l try to send cards and maybe a small gift to my stepmom and mother-in-law… and maybe a little something for the sisters on both sides. I like that my husband gets the kids to make me something. And he always tells me, 'Thank you,' and that he couldn't have found a better woman to be the mother of his children (though I swear he's better at this parenting gig)."

Michelle and Jim

Michelle and Jim

Celebrating your mom, not your wife:

"My husband buys me presents for Mother's Day, but I tell him not to because I'm not his mother. Our boys are old enough to go shopping themselves now. Celebrate your mom on Mother's Day."

Rebekah and J.R.

Rebekah and J.R.

Honoring my mom, not myself, on Mother's Day:

"I don't want J.R. to buy for me, and I don't buy anything for him for Father's Day as he is not my father. On Mother's Day, I celebrate my stepmom, who has been my biggest supporter!"

Joyce and Bud

Joyce and Bud

Mother's Day pays tribute to more than just Mom:

"I am the mother of his children, but Bud never felt like he should buy me gifts. Our kids are grown now, and they buy me gifts. I do buy his mom a gift from the both of us. We honor moms, grams and godmothers in our house."

Kate and John

Kate and John

Dad handles it until the kids are old enough:

"John gets me a gift as the mother of his children, and I buy for him for Father's Day. Now, when the kids are older and have jobs of their own, they should take that responsibility, as we do for both of our moms. Until then, John is on the hook, LOL."

Janine and Jim

Janine and Jim

Mother's Day evolves as families grow and change:

"Usually, we've had to split up the weekend — one on Saturday, one on Sunday — to accommodate both my mom and Jim's mom with visits and gifts. My husband applies in this house, although I have received the most amazing artwork, homemade breakfasts and hand-picked flowers from my children. Now that the kids are older and my mother-in-law has passed away, much has changed… "

Molly and Sterling

Molly and Sterling

A little bling never hurts:

"Every year Sterling has flowers delivered to me, courtesy of the kids. Now that they are a little bigger, he helps them write cards to me. Every now and then he surprises me with special jewelry — like my kids' birthstone rings or necklaces [with] charms!"

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Tammy and Craig

Craig, Tammy and family

Honor mom through the children you share: 

"We keep it simple. So many holidays have become about material things and how many gifts one gets also. My girls have made me a Mother's Day card every year by tracing their handprints (my hubby started this when they were babies) and writing their personal messages to me. And Craig and the girls do the cooking for the day! We usually do something special with a family photo for the grandparents."

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Comments on "Is Mother's Day about you or your mom?"

Marc Kieffer May 15, 2013 | 11:43 AM

When our kids become of age they need to give gifts to their mother. I just don't believe I should give cards and gift to the mother of my children. Its about our mother not spouses.

Jenn May 12, 2013 | 3:02 PM

I think Mother's Day is for all mothers. I celebrate it and honour my mother and my mother-in-law. I buy gifts or do something nice for both and at very minimum send them a card. I do expect for myself at least being wished a Happy Mother's Day if nothing else even despite the fact that my daughters are my stepkids. I do all the same things a mother does so why shouldn't that be appreciated and celebrated on that day? However, this year no one seemed to remember. Nothing from my kids or hubby.. not a card, not a thank you, not a hug. That makes me really sad because I have always made a huge effort to do the best job I can. On Father's Day I always make a point of getting a card at the very least and bringing my hubby breakfast in bed because I want him to understand how wonderful a dad I think he is. I don't want to force anyone into anything and I know I do a good job mothering our kids, but I can't help but be a bit sad especially when my hubby made a point of celebrating his own mother.

Pat May 11, 2013 | 10:22 PM

We have room in our hearts for all the mothers in our lives. Husband honors me as mom of our children. We both honor the memories or our own moms. We also contact our sisters, all of whom are excellent moms. Now we have nieces and a daughter in law to celebrate as the newer moms in our extended family. Gifts do not come into this, though my sons usually send or bring flowers and/or cards. Church service and a nice lunch on porch round out the day.

Shawna May 08, 2013 | 1:05 PM

We have a nice brunch. Trying to fight the commercialization!

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