rainbow salt in a jar

Get salty!

Get the kids involved in your spring decorating this year with this fun, simple — and most of all, chic — DIY project.

Salt and chalk has never looked more beautiful than when layered into glass jars and topped with a cork. Even the littlest of crafters can participate — with a little help from Mom or Dad.

Supplies needed:

  • Regular table salt
  • Colored chalk
  • Glass jars (available from Michaels)
  • Paper

rainbow salt in a jar supplies



First, pour about a tablespoon of salt onto the middle of a piece of paper. Then, as shown, rub the salt with the side of a piece of chalk. You will see the salt start to change color. Keep rubbing the chalk in the salt, and stirring the salt around, until you have reached your desired color.

making color salt


Using your paper as a funnel, carefully pour the salt into your jar.

funneling colored salt into jar


Repeat this process, using different colors of chalk, until your jar is full. Use care not to shake up your jar — if the colors mix, your beautiful rainbow of colors will turn muddy looking.

finished jars

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