Cupcake fondue party

Cupcake fondue

DIY dipping dessert

Recently, my kids earned a family party for good behavior. Without hesitation my daughter asked for her favorite: Cupcakes! Since spring is in the air and because I wanted to get the kids involved, we decided to do cupcake fondue!

When it's time to have a party, kids know just what to do. My kids don’t often get fancy desserts, so when they earned a party for a week of good behavior we went all out. We decided to throw a cupcake fondue party for their reward.

The process of planning our special party was half the fun! I let the kids pick out the frosting colors and toppings they wanted to use for their treats. They picked springy pastels in various flavors for the frosting and a cute assortment of sparkles and confetti for decorations.

Cupcake fondue


  • Mini cupcakes
  • Frosting
  • Frosting flavors
  • A variety of toppings
  • Cookie sticks or plastic forks
  • Little containers or cupcake liners



When we got home, we laid out all our goodies.


We started by putting our cupcakes on our sticks. This was a little tricky for my 2-year-old at first.


Then we dipped our cupcakes in our frosting fondue.

Cupcake fondue


I let them each choose two things to decorate with. My daughter liked the sparkly sugar the best!

Cupcake fondue


After we made a lovely bouquet of cupcakes, I let them enjoy!


The cupcakes tasted as good as they looked, and my kids had so much fun dipping their dessert!

Cupcake fondue

Quick tip

For younger kids, opt for a fork to hold the cupcake — it's easier to grip and the cake is sure to stay on.

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Image credit: Brandy Clabaugh, Nutmeg Nanny


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