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Islands In The Sea

Are you looking for an exotic baby name from the Caribbean? These names from some of the most beautiful places in the world are perfect for your island baby.

Caribbean baby

The Caribbean is a location that consists of the Caribbean Sea, its islands and the surrounding coasts. Located south of Florida, east of Mexico and north of South America, it boasts perfect temperatures, breathtaking beaches and loads of natural beauty. It’s a popular destination for vacations and weddings, and babies are adopted from these locales as well.

If you’ve visited the destinations of Jamaica, the Bahamas or any other island paradise, you may be keen to pursue baby names from these exotic locations. Many have linguistic roots from colonizing nations, such as Spain and France, but others are uniquely their own. The Bahamas, for example, use many baby names that are also popular here in the U.S., but they often come up with unique names — for example, using a feminine version of the father’s name. Here are some of our favorites.

Caribbean baby names for boys

  • Agwe: from Haiti
  • Ajay: from Jamaica
  • Aldane: from Jamaica
  • Alejandro: from the Dominican Republic
  • Azacca: from Haiti
  • Bembé: from Cuba
  • Ché: from Cuba
  • Emeterio: from Cuba
  • Emilio: from the Dominican Republic
  • Hennrick: from Haiti
  • Homero: from Cuba
  • Jaden: from Trinidad
  • Jaheim: from Jamaica
  • Javel: from Jamaica
  • Keneil: from Jamaica
  • Kosmo: from Cuba
  • Mendo: from Cuba
  • Odane: from Jamaica
  • Omario: from Jamaica
  • Paz: from Cuba
  • Pirro: from Cuba
  • Tajo: from Cuba
  • Zidane: from Jamaica

Caribbean baby names for girls

  • Alesha: from Jamaica
  • Amoya: from Jamaica
  • Anya: from Trinidad
  • Arvede: from Haiti
  • Astryd: from Haiti
  • Atabei: from Haiti
  • Bijou: from Haiti
  • Brigitte: from Haiti
  • Chantale: from Haiti
  • Charo: from Cuba
  • Chevelle: from Jamaica
  • Chrisann: from Jamaica
  • Jade: from Trinidad
  • Kimona: from Jamaica
  • Laurette: from Haiti
  • Landa: from Cuba
  • Lourdes: from Haiti
  • Mariposa: from Cuba
  • Mia: from Trinidad
  • Naomi: from Trinidad
  • Novia: from Cuba
  • Nyoka: from Jamaica
  • Oria: from the Dominican Republic
  • Sanaa: from Trinidad
  • Tanice: from Jamaica
  • Violine: from Haiti
  • Xaviera: from Jamaica

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Comments on "Exotic Caribbean baby names"

Theo March 12, 2014 | 9:18 AM

Wow, what a racist article and the worst kind of cultural appropriation. "Why not give your white baby an exotic name to remind you of some paradise his/her ancestors' colonised?" Of course, it's the islands themselves which are beautiful, we don't need reminding about the dispossessed people who came up with these zany, exotic names! p.s. Almost none of these names are "uniquely their own". Those which don't have European orgins are derived from African or Amerindian names. Why is it just the Europeans who get the credit?

Lauren March 16, 2013 | 2:50 PM

I like Kosmo!! Very cute!

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