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Which celebrity moms were magazine cover girls in December? Catherine Zeta-Jones looked amazing on the cover of InStyle and talked candidly about her bipolar disorder, as well as having more kids with Michael Douglas. Jennifer Hudson looked gorgeous on Redbook, while Isla Fisher revealed secrets to her amazing figure on Women’s Health UK. Lastly, Melissa McCarthy opened up about keeping a positive body image for her daughters.

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Jennifer Hudson on Redbook

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson is an actress, singer, clothes designer and mom to her 3-year-old son, David. How does she do it all? She appeared on the December cover of Redbook to talk about her 80-pound weight loss and how she keeps the memory alive of her nephew, who was tragically murdered in 2008 by her brother-in-law.

On how she honors her late nephew during the holidays:

“The Julian D. King Toy Drive and Christmas dinner is for kids who are doing well in school — just progressing, they don't necessarily have to have all As or Bs — and we grant whatever their Christmas wish is. With everything that happened with our family, it's hard to get through the holidays. So I was wondering, ‘How can we turn a negative around [and] make it a positive thing?‘ And so we came up with giving back.“

On dropping more pounds:

“I’m at the weight I want to be. But I hear all the time, ‘Don’t lose any more weight, you need to stop.’ People are under the impression that I’m still losing but I’m not.”

On her biggest holiday food temptation:

“My biggest thing is banana pudding, but it's the devil! So no one is allowed to bring it into my house. Because I can't control myself. So why put it in my domain?“

On no longer being plus-sized:

“I’m getting used to my new self more than anything else. I got used to being plus-sized and knowing how to be that, whereas this is like, ‘OK, who am I?’ I keep thinking that I probably need an extra-large or a large and the stylist is like, ‘No, you need a medium or a small.’”

Next up: Melissa McCarthy on raising strong daughters

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Katie December 05, 2012 | 12:03 PM

I love Catherine Zeta-Jones. Great read! That's hilarious her daughter doesn't want her having another girl because she doesn't want to share jewelry.

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