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We have rounded up the coolest and chicest celebrity moms that are on the covers of magazines this month. Halle Berry talked about her daughter Nahla to InStyle magazine, while Nicole Kidman opened up to Harper’s Bazaar. Connie Britton talked about being a single mom to her adopted son to Redbook, while Giada De Laurentiis graced the cover of Women’s Health.

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Giada de Laurentiis on Women's Health

Giada De Laurentiis

Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis reveals her entertaining secrets in the November issue of Women’s Health. The 42-year-old also shares her secret for staying slim — even as a professional chef!

On entertaining with her daughter Jade:

“I don’t let my 4-year-old eat spaghetti where she could splatter it. Because I’m a mother, I think about those things all the time.”

On keeping her svelte figure as a chef:

Portion control! I eat everything I make — just not a lot of it at any one time.”

On her cooking attire:

“There's something elegant yet comfortable about a dress... A lot of times I'll wear something printed so it disguises anything on me.“

On her invite list:

“I think it's a very personal thing. If you're coming over to my house, I'm saying you're special, and everyone gets the family treatment.“

On why she won't pass off grocery shopping:

“I have a menu in mind, but I'm a visual, tactile person. I have to see my stuff. It's what I like to do. It helps me to relax.“

Photo: Women's Health

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