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International Babywearing Week runs from October 7-13. Have you tried wearing your baby? These beautiful moms and their babies show how it’s done and share how babywearing helped them bond with their little ones — and made parenting so much easier.

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Brittney's babywearing photoBrittney

Brittney, mom of one from Newark, Ohio

“When I was pregnant with Bella, I didn’t know much about babywearing. I also didn’t know much about parenting a high-needs baby! From the moment she was born she insisted on being held constantly, and would scream in protest the moment she was put down. For the first couple of weeks of her life, I just held her all of the time, and found it impossible to get anything done around the house. When she was 3 weeks old, I ordered my first baby carrier, a Moby Wrap. It was practically life-changing! I could finally do things around the house without upsetting my little one. Up until she stopped letting me wear her when she was 2, we shared lots of snuggles while she was wrapped onto my body for several hours every day. I can’t imagine how difficult our lives would have been without babywearing in those early months, and during the late nights when she was cutting teeth further down the road. When I found out that we were having another baby, my very first purchase was a baby carrier.”

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