Organizing your baby's nursery

Babies come with a lot of stuff, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the toys, books, clothes, diapers and everything else that finds its way into the nursery. Don’t get stressed — get organized with these pretty and practical storage ideas.

Don't let your baby become a hoarder

An “organized” space doesn’t mean things are “hidden,” say experts at The Professionals, a full-service personal concierge agency in New York. They offer these simple steps to creating a truly organized room:

  1. Take an inventory of what you have and rethink what you actually need to keep.
  2. Assess your empty nursery for opportunities to create more space. For example, use bare walls for vertical storage.
  3. Consider your stuff: What fits where? Where will you use these items? Which items need to be most easily accessible?
  4. The fun part: Put things away in these newly found spaces! Choose cool décor items with hollow insides and store things inside!

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Expert tip: Hide your stuff in plain sight! Use unique or decorative storage solutions like beautiful canvas storage bins to hide things in plain sight. ~ Holly Bohn, founder

In addition to the wonderful array of nursery-friendly bins and baskets on the market, check out these functional baby room storage items:

DexBaby Organizer

Diaper duty

Baby essentials — diapers, wipes, baby powder and the like — can become a cluttered mess on a dresser top or changing table.

The DexBaby Organizer is a lovely way to keep those scattered items neatly in one place. It attaches easily and securely anywhere and stores all your baby’s needs in one convenient place. With sturdy shelves and handy pockets, DexBaby holds over 60 diapers! Get it for $25 at

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Expert tip: Instead of conforming to other's standards, organize your room the way you live and think ~ Janet M. Taylor, professional organizer

I Think I Canvas Hanging Closet Storage

Clever closets

A regular closet isn’t the most practical solution for itty-bitty baby clothes, socks, onesies… The I Think I Canvas Hanging Closet Storage system makes it easy to use that valuable closet space without the hassle of tiny hangers.

The hanging organizers are available in narrow ($16) and wide ($18) widths in 10 cheery colors for the nursery. The polyester construction is easy to clean and very durable. Shop

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Expert tip: Examine what you’re trying to find space for and why. For sentimental items, record the story, take a photo of the object and let it go. ~ Wendy E. Webber, professional organizer and personal historian

Pottery Barn Kids Bookcase

Orderly corners

Why is it that we tend to stuff things into corners? The Cameron Corner Bookcase from Pottery Barn Kids is the ideal solution for preventing dreaded corner piles. But this sturdy bookcase isn't limited to storing just books.

Use it for toys, pretty baskets, baby monitors and more. Any way you purpose this bookshelf (available in white, chestnut and espresso finishes) is better than the alternative: cluttered corners. Buy it for $370 at

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Brandee Danielle Froggy Lavender Toy Bag

Wall storage

Take advantage of wall space to 1) increase your storage opportunities or 2) keep certain items away from curious crawlers.

The Brandee Danielle Froggy Lavender Toy Bag attaches to the wall, a bookcase, the side of the crib or just about anywhere. It’s a super cute way to store little stuffed animals, diapers or teeny-weeny baby socks. Buy it for $23 at

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Expert tip: For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned! ~ Michelle Paxton, The Organizer Gal

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Comments on "Pretty and practical storage for Baby's room"

mbt outlet October 17, 2012 | 6:43 AM

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Lauren July 24, 2012 | 9:28 AM

I like too that being organized doesn't mean hidden. Don't just shove everything into a closet! Though, I do admit I'm guilty of this. Something I use is those cheap plastic drawers from Walmart. At $15, they provide tons of storage for clothes, headbands, and books.

Jeanie July 23, 2012 | 8:02 PM

So much of the baby's stuff is sentimental. For each of our kids, I bought big wooden toy boxes (from yard sales and estate auctions). For things that I'm attached to but baby no longer needs, I put them in the box. They're out of the way, and I don't have to deal with the emotions of what to do with them right now. If I never get rid of any of it, I'll just give the boxes to my kids when they're grown and THEY can deal with it! :)

Emma July 23, 2012 | 4:03 PM

I think the tip that organized doesn't mean hidden is so important to remember when organizing an area as big important as a nursery. There is so much that you need, but a lot that you don't need also! So it is great to go through and keep what you do in an orderly fashion, and toss the rest!!

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