Some moms can, others ... can't

Sure, we all have to deal with poop and pee at some point in our parenting lives. But there are those of us who don't give it a second thought and others who continue to turn green until potty learning is accomplished. Which side do you lie on?

Parenting and body fluids go hand in hand. Soon after your baby's birth, the peeing and pooping begins, and until potty training, you're responsible for dealing with it.

Is it a big deal to you, or are you nonchalant about its ickiness? We talked with real moms to see how differently everyone reacts to poop and pee.

No big deal

Some moms are totally fine with body fluids. "It is really genuinely unbelievable how much poop I deal with on a daily basis," shared Heather, mom of two. "Before having kids, I never even saw poop, and now I find myself scrubbing it out of diapers, walls, sheets, clothes, carpet, bathtubs, hair, fingernails, and stuffed animals on the regular. I'm completely immune to its grossness."

Brooke, mom of one, had similar feelings. "I'm a nurse who cares for elderly or disabled people," she explained. "I am far beyond being grossed out by anyone's bodily fluids. I'm numb at this point."

Depends on the location

A few moms were fine with it, as long as it is in the right place. "I'm totally fine with it as long as it's in a normal place like diaper or toilet," explained Lisa from Ohio. "If it's on the floor or my hands I'm gagging!" Brigetta, mom of three, concurred. "Totally doesn't bother me except if it's on the floor!" she said.

Only my kid

Others are cool with the contents of their own child's diaper, but cannot tolerate poop of another baby. "I don't change anyone else's kid's diapers," said Leah, mom of one. "Ever. Gross."

Kelly, mom of two, agreed. "I'm fine with my own kids' bodily fluids. Other kids gross me out though."

Not a fan

And still others couldn't wait for the day that their child started using the potty full time. "Gross," stated Char, mom of two. "I have the weakest stomach and still gag. It's a little easier because it's my kids but it still grosses me out. When I was pregnant with Owen I would gag so much while changing Audrey's poop. Morning sickness and poop really don't mix. I've always had a super weak stomach though. My mom said every morning we would walk to school when I was younger and any time I would see dog poo I would throw up."

Tell us

So, where do you stand on pee and poop? Fine with your child's diapers, but not with others? No big deal at all? Or no thanks, never?

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Comments on "Can you handle poop and pee?"

Leslie June 28, 2012 | 3:02 PM

I'm with Kelly on this one - my own kids' diapers and poo doesn't gross me out, but other kids' do! So strange, I honestly thought even my kids would be disgusting, but nope. Maybe it's because we CAN'T be grossed out because if we don't clean them, who will??!

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