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Are you looking for the perfect baby boy name or baby girl name that won’t be turned into a weird or silly nickname? From short and cute names to longer names, check out baby name tips to help you find the perfect nickname-free name for your child.

There are many things to keep in mind when picking the perfect baby name. You want a name that fits your personality, goes well with your last name and won’t be shortened into a nickname. For example, you love the name Harrison, but don’t like the fact that he may be called Harry — or you love the girl’s name Mackenzie, but worry friends might shorten it to “Mack.” Let’s not even discuss the classic name Richard, which has the unfortunate nickname of Dick!

Popular names without nicknames

The Social Security Administration just released the list of the most popular baby names of the year.


For boys, Jacob is the most popular name. You can shorten this name to Jake for a great boy’s name that won’t be turned into a nickname. Check out our pick of popular boy names that won’t be shortened into nicknames:


The most popular girl name is Sophia, however you can further shorten it to Sophie to create a name that can’t be turned into a nickname. Here are more options for popular girl names that won’t be shortened into nicknames:

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Unique names without nicknames

Think unique names are out of the question? Think again! You can find a unique nickname-free baby name if you pick names that are shorter.

For boys, consider these cool, unique names:

Check out these unique baby girl names that aren't likely to be shortened:

Tips on finding a nickname-free name

In general, one syllable baby names, such as Liz or Cole, can’t be shortened any further into a nickname. Check out our article on one syllable baby names for plenty of ideas for finding a popular or unique baby boy or baby girl name.

You may also want to consider shortened versions of longer names as a first name. These names are fresh and fun — and are already shortened! For example Gabrielle is often shortened to Gabby, which by itself is a great name! Check out more nickname options that end up being cute given names:

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Comments on "Baby names that don't have nicknames"

Leslie June 26, 2012 | 2:36 PM

I really like the unique names on this list - like Brody, Brynn, and Zoe. A lot of the names, though, do have nicknames. Emma can be "Em", Mason can be "Mace" (as can Maci), Chloe can be "Chlo" etc. I think little nicknames like that are cute though. There are very few names out there that truly can't have a nickname.

Emily, named after Grandmother & Great-Grandmother June 26, 2012 | 12:08 PM

Speaking as an Emily, I have to contradict the idea that it's a name that won't be turned into nicknames. Within the past week I've been called "Em" and "E", both of which are fine with me. (Another possible nickname is "Emmy", but I absorbed my Grandma Emily's distaste for that name and usually give people a cold glare if they try it, so nobody calls me that.) And any child named Emily will become thoroughly tired of jokes about "Auntie Em!" and "we're not in Kansas anymore!" Trust me on this one...

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