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Jacob remains the top baby boy name in America. Find out what else is popular in the U.S. and around the world.

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Popular Irish baby names for boys and girls

If you're looking for a unique baby name for your boy or girl, consider an Irish name. These melodic names are rich in culture.

Top Irish baby names for girls

Aislin – an Irish name, means Vision

Amelia – a Teutonic baby name, means Defender

Caitlin – an Irish baby name with Greek roots, means Pure; alternate spellings: Kaitlin, Kaitlyn

Hannah – an Irish name with Biblical roots, means Favor

Kiera – an Irish name, means Dark-haired; feminine form of the Irish Gaelic name Kieran

Leah – an Irish baby name of Biblical origin, means Meadow

Mollie – an Irish baby name derived from the Gaelic name Maili, means Bitter; alternate spellings: Molli, Molly

Riley – an Irish unisex name, means Valiant

Shannon – an Irish name, means Little old wise one

Teagan – an Irish baby name, means Good looking

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Top Irish baby names for boys

Aiden – an Irish baby name with Celtic roots, means Fiery; alternate spelling: Aidan

Brendan – an Irish baby name with Celtic and Gaelic origins, means Brave or Prince; alternate spellings include Brenden and Brendon

Connor – an Irish baby name, means Full of desire

Dyllan – an Irish name, means From the sea; alternate spelling Dyllon

Galen – a baby name with Irish and English origins, means Lively

Ian – an Irish name of Hebrew origin, means Gift from God; the Gaelic form of the name John

Liam – an Irish baby name, means Helmeted

Patrick – an Irish boy name, means Noble

Ryan – an Irish name with Gaelic roots, means Kingly

Sean – an Irish baby name, means Gift from God

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Carlie June 22, 2012 | 7:31 AM

I wish American's would stick to "traditional" baby names like other countries do. The names from Italy and India are BEAUTIFUL!

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