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Jacob remains the top baby boy name in America. Find out what else is popular in the U.S. and around the world.

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Popular Celtic baby names for boys and girls

Celtic baby names are growing increasingly popular outside their traditional areas. Modern-day Celtic languages — Irish, Welsh, Breton, Scottish Gaelic, Cornish and Manx — feature unique spellings and can be difficult for non-natives to pronounce. Check out these legendary Celtic baby names:

Top Celtic baby names for girls

Aine – a Celtic baby name of Irish Gaelic origin, means Little fire

Betha – a Celtic girl name, means Life

Deirdre – a Celtic baby name with Gaelic roots, means Broken-hearted, sorrowful

Enid – a Celtic name of Arthurian Legend, means Fair

Maeve – Celtic meaning is A mythical queen; American meaning is Joy

Melvina – a Celtic name of Gaelic origin, means Smooth brow; feminine version of Melvin

Epona – a Latin baby name, means Protectress of horses

Orla – a baby name of Celtic, Gaelic and Irish origins, means Golden

Sabrina – a baby girl name of English and Italian origins, means From the border

Ula – Celtic meaning is Wealthy; American meaning is Sea Jewel; Scandinavian meaning is Abbreviation of Eulalie

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Top Celtic baby names for boys

Aengus (pronounced “ain gus”) – the Irish Gaelic form of the name Angus, means Exceptionally strong

Eoghan (pronounced “yew en”) – the Irish Gaelic form of the name Owen, means Youth

Donaghy – a Celtic baby name, means Strong fighter or Brown Warrior

Gildas – a Celtic baby name, means Serves God

Kimball – a Welsh baby name, means Bold kin/family

Rankinan English baby name, means Little shield

Niall – a name of Celtic, Gaelic and Scottish origins, means Champion

Moore – a baby name of Irish and French origins, means Dark-skinned

Pembroke – a Welsh name, means Lives in the headland

Tremain – a baby boy name of Welsh and English origins, means From the big town; alternate spelling: Tremaine

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Carlie June 22, 2012 | 7:31 AM

I wish American's would stick to "traditional" baby names like other countries do. The names from Italy and India are BEAUTIFUL!

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