Party Planning For Easter

Though Easter might not be the most common day to host a kids' party, it certainly can be fun. With the spring weather, Easter egg hunts, party crafts and good food are sure to be a hit. We compiled some tips and suggestions for all aspects of planning a children's Easter party.

Party games

Young kids love to play games at parties. On Easter, an egg hunt is the obvious choice, but you can also play a number of other party games revolving around the Easter theme. Check out these cool Easter party games for kids.

Party crafts

An Easter party is the perfect time to get a little crafty. Kids can make special containers to collect all their Easter eggs, as well as other crafts. Take a look at these Easter party crafts for kids that your children and guests will love.

Party recipes

For party food, keep things simple. Kids will be filling up on candy anyway, so a light menu is perfect for the occasion. Consider these easy Easter party recipes for kids.

Party favors

Don't send your little guest home empty-handed. Easter favors can be handed out as game prizes or slipped into little goody bags. Check out these unique Easter party favor ideas for kids.


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Comments on "How to host an Easter party for kids"

Kelsey March 27, 2013 | 2:29 PM

TO plan or host a Easter party you need to get a really good Easter bunny. Also you can get candy eggs because for your Easter egg hunt you might need them unless you use something else. You would also need a lot of games because they might want to play some Easter games and you might want to get some fun jumps that will make the children really happy but if you can't afford it you don't have to do all these things. Thank you!!!!!!!

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