The importance of a YouTube account

YouTube has millions of videos readily available for anyone to browse and to tune into. As a blogger, it's important to create a digital footprint and YouTube is an exceptional way to do this.

Are you ready? -- Lights! Camera! Action!

YouTube is a virtual playing field for any blogger interested in creating video content. I have had a YouTube account since 2008 and to date, I have created over 450 videos for There was one reason in particular I wanted to start doing videos as a blogger back in 2008: I wanted my readers to get to know me better. They would see my words on a page, but they had never gotten to see me for "real" -- up close and personal. Video changed everything for me and ever since then, I've been a huge proponent of recommending bloggers to create YouTube accounts.

So what is YouTube all about?

YouTube is the place where anyone can be the star and it's super easy to sign up and create an account. You literally just come up with a username and you're off! It's crazy to believe, but YouTube has over a billion page views a day! It's a fertile ground for you to expand your blog's message to the masses. Whether you're a mom blogger who focuses on fashion, food, fitness, couponing, DIY projects, crafting, beauty, etc. -- there's a place for you on YouTube. Bring your blog posts alive through video postings and really extend the legs of your social media footprint.

6 Quick ways to get the most out of YouTube as a blogger

Subscribe to other YouTube accounts and begin to create a community of other vloggers, much like you do with your blog. Support each other.
Learn from example. I love going on other videos that get huge responses and get an idea of what's working for these particular vloggers. It's a great way to do "research" for your videos -- lighting, clothing options, location, sound, etc.
Just do it. I know it's scary to get out there and do a video for the very first time, but once you get going, you'll warm up to the idea. Just pretend you're talking to a friend and really let go and have some fun with it. It's one of those things that the more you do, the easier it will get.
Once you get started, commit to doing a new video each week. Consistency is key, just as it is in blogging.
Video responses are a wonderful thing to do. YouTube allows you to actually respond back to a video that they've posted. I began doing this when I first started to get into YouTube and it was a fantastic way to meet more people and really craft quick and well thought out videos.
Short and sweet. Videos longer than two minutes are too long!

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