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Are you looking for a kick butt baby name for your baby girl or baby boy? Why settle for a boring name that everyone has when you give them a truly unique and cool baby name? Check out these baby names with serious 'tude!

Baby names on fire! These kick butt baby names are unique, edgy, fun -- and never boring. But what exactly makes a baby name "kick butt?" We think kick butt baby names are modern and "outside of the box," which makes them perfect for today's cool kids.

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Edgy boy names

You won't find these edgy and kick butt baby boy names on any popular baby name lists! They are a little unusual, but totally rock and roll! We have switched up the spelling on some names to give them a little more edge.

  • Breese
  • Breeze
  • Blaize
  • Five
  • Wolfgang
  • Ozzy
  • Slate
  • Ten
  • Rock
  • Steele
  • Tazer
  • Red
  • Diesel
  • Mustang
  • Slash
  • Kash
  • Maze
  • Kaze
  • Breaker
  • Valen
  • Cassius
  • Maximus
  • Draven
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Rock and roll girl names

These baby girl names are cool (and a little dark) but we think they are 100 percent kick butt! They are not for everyone… and those looking for girly names need not apply!

  • Mint
  • Monday
  • Fawn
  • Orliandra
  • Opeium
  • Promise
  • Stormy
  • Cassi
  • Posy
  • Onix
  • Stryker
  • Xandra
  • Zalvadora
  • Vala
  • Vevina
  • Verona
  • Shine
  • Midori
  • Luna
  • Ariah
  • Peaches
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Kick butt gender bending names

Why be boxed in by names that are specifically for girls or those specifically for boys? These cool baby names can be used for a girl or a boy -- you decide!

  • Gold
  • Magic
  • Draker
  • Green
  • Cotton
  • Silver
  • Jazz
  • River
  • Stevie
  • Riley
  • Finn
  • Lane
  • Seal
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Create your own kick butt name

Sometimes the best names are those you create yourself! If you and your significant other can't agree on a name, why not combine them to make a new one! Or perhaps combine your name with your spouse's name to create a cool original name that is unique to your family? For example, if your name is Samantha and his name is Lamar you can create your own unique name of Samar.

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Look around at objects or think of words that aren't traditionally baby names, but are cool words, such as Dream, Echo or Snow.

Thanks to celebrities like Beyonce, who named her daughter Blue Ivy, and Alicia Silverstone, who named her son Bear Blu, color names are cool and edgy. (However, you should probably stay away from Blue, which is in danger of being overused.)

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Comments on "Kick butt baby names"

Dee May 15, 2013 | 7:17 AM

My current favorite boy name is Zane or Dane.

Bonisha' March 22, 2013 | 5:55 AM

I'm 9 months pregnant and I am thinking about naming my child Shaquayylah (the 2 y's are not an accident) but im not sure yet. I'm just so excited to have my baby boy soon. :)

Jessica February 02, 2013 | 8:03 PM

Omg... I've been writing a book for a while now and have been trying to come up with some epic names... and I found them! I love these names!

MamaLeesie January 24, 2013 | 11:17 PM

I have two boys... and had the hardest time choosing names. It wasn't until after they were born and we saw their sweet faces that we were able to choose: Duke Arthur B**lan Beckham (Beck) Kruse B**lan I have gotten tons of compliments on their names and truthfully, these boys certainly live up to them. :) Oh - my stepson is named Caymen Howard (family name) B**lan, which I also thought was pretty cool.

Kristen November 20, 2012 | 9:33 AM

Wow, head check, commentators. Bullying? Wrong. Teasing? Wrong. Workplace discrimination? Wrong. Naming your kid Slash? Not inherently wrong. Our society punishes people who are different. It's inexcusable. That's what needs fixing, not some person's penchant for unique baby names.

Osbourne November 10, 2012 | 1:43 PM

I--for one--love the names yo listed! Although you will get the cruel kids that will make fun, you get the nice kids that will totally love it. My parents named me Osbourne, even though I was a girl. I've made tons of friends by people that just come up to me and compliment me on my name. Love the names you listed. Green? Awesomeness.

Colin September 29, 2012 | 11:16 AM

Having grown up with a name that, at the time, was largely unknown in the U.S., I would not name any child of mine anything especially unusual, as the kids will torment him or her about it. The least hurtful thing they'll say is something like "What kind of weird name is that!?" I heard a lot of that as a child. With a name like Opeium a child would likely hear things like "Opeium, haha, what a dope."

jolene July 22, 2012 | 3:29 PM

i got to say i am not a fan of most of the names you listed. children have to grow up and go into the real world. to name your child something like slash, opeium, ect. just seems so irresponisble. im all about creative names but unless your born with a silver spoon in your mouth like celebrity kids i think these names could be a big down fall. imagine getting a resume on your desk from a guy named tazer or a girl named peaches. how could you take them seriously.

Duncan January 27, 2012 | 1:14 PM

Any boy named Maximus would instantly become king of the playground. Epic name.

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