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Are you on Pinterest yet? You should be! Pinterest is the hottest new way to find and catalog ideas online and moms are using it to find inspiration for every aspect of motherhood -- from family-friendly recipes to fun crafts they can do with their messy toddlers and so much more.

Just picture it -- a space all for yourself. No Legos underfoot, complete silence, a comfy place to relax where you know you'll never sit down on a half-full juice box. Moms -- this is a Mom Cave and whether there's one in your near future or you're just dreaming of this perfect place, it's time to get inspired. From little closet nooks to full-blown rooms dedicated to being a Mom Cave, Pinterest hasn't let us down with ideas for creating a space that every mom deserves.

Just a little nook

thumbtackIf you're trying to find room in your house for a Mom Cave, but can't seem to find the space, you'll be inspired by this tiny little nook that has been a popular pin on Pinterest recently -- proof that even a small space or a large closet that you can convert into a place of your own can be perfect Mom Cave material. Add a locking door to this Mom Cave and you have everything you need for major mom relaxation. (original pin source)

Somewhere beautiful & untouchable

Expensive vaseFor moms who dream of a Mom Cave filled with gorgeous furniture and artwork where they'll never have to worry about sticky little PB & J fingers or a toddler accidentally drawing all over with Sharpie, look no further than this absolutely breathtaking Mom Cave pin on Pinterest. Luxe fabrics, beautiful art hanging on the wall, things that are breakable... Yes, you're definitely going to need a lock on this Mom Cave door. (original pin source)

Uninterrupted creative space

Knitting suppliesMom Caves don't have to be all relaxation, naps and magazine reading! If your ideal Mom Cave space is somewhere that you can craft or be creative -- all by yourself -- then you'll swoon over the dozens and dozens of craft room-inspired Mom Caves on Pinterest. Naturally, Pinterest, which is already a DIY-ers paradise, will also be filled with inspiration of rooms to get these projects done and why not turn it into a Mom Cave so that you can actually leave a project out and have it exactly where you left it when you return? Bliss. (original pin source)

In our wildest dreams

AzaleaThis is the type of Mom Cave that only exists in our dreams, but sometimes that's exactly what Pinterest should be used for -- daydreaming! We can all swoon over this Mom Cave-inspired space that is truly a place of our own -- where you could walk out of your backdoor and be in your own, dedicated space within seconds -- like a weekend away, minus the travel and packing (two things that are very anti-Mom Cave!). We are especially drawn to this gorgeous Mom Cave for its appealing indoor/outdoor space. (original pin source)

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