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Angelic baby names

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Baby names from another world

If you are searching for a spiritual or unique baby name, you will love our list of angelic baby names for boys and girls, as well as famous angels in movies, names that mean angel and names of specific angels.

Angelic baby names are as unique and beautiful as they are meaningful. Angels are mythical or spiritual beings that are thought of as messengers of God that often protect and guide human beings. Angels are often portrayed clothed in white with beautiful wings and a halo. If you are searching for a truly angelic baby name for your baby girl or baby boy, you will love these unique and wonderful names.

Naming your baby Angel

The name Angel is of Spanish origin and is generally considered a boy's name, although this name could be just as beautiful for a baby girl. The name Angel was ranked number 42 on the Social Security Administration's top baby name list for boys. You can also consider these great baby names that are similar to Angel.

  • Angela
  • Angele
  • Angelina
  • Angelee
  • Angelette
  • Angelica
  • Angelisa
  • Angelo

Angel baby names

If you are looking for a unique and beautiful name, these angel names are otherworldly. Why not match the angel name with an attribute you would like for your child?

  • Afriel: Angel of youth
  • Ariel: Angel of nature
  • Cassiel: Angel of temperance
  • Charmeine: Angel of harmony
  • Dina: Angel of learning
  • Gavreel: Angel of peace
  • Michael: Angel of loyalty
  • Gabriel: Angelic messenger
  • Raphael: Angel of healing
  • Micah: Angel of miracles
  • Uriel: Angel of creativity
  • Forfax: Angel of astronomy
  • Hadraniel: Angel of love
  • Jophiel: Angel of enlightenment
  • Lailah: Angel of conception
  • Manakel: Angel of peace
  • Nathaniel: Angel of fire
  • Ramiel: Angel of thunder
  • Sariel: Angel of guidance
  • Sachael: Angel of water
  • Tabbris: Angel of self determination
  • Xapham: Angel of creation
  • Raziel: Angel of mysteries
  • Paschar: Angel of vision
  • Zuriel: Angel of harmony
  • Zuphlas: Angel of trees
  • Zadkiel: Angel of prayer

Names with angelic meanings

The following baby names are not only unique and lovely, but all have angelic meanings.

  • Aingeal: Irish girl name meaning "angel"
  • Erela: Hebrew girl name meaning "angel"
  • Erelah: Hebrew girl name meaning "angel"
  • Malayeka: Arabic girl name meaning "angel"
  • D'Angelo: Italian boy name meaning "from the angel"
  • Engelbert: German boy name meaning "bright as an angel"
  • Serafim: Hebrew boy name meaning "an angel-like being"
  • Seraphina: Hebrew girl name meaning "fiery-winged"
  • Angelique: French girl name meaning "like an angel"
  • Faida: Icelandic girl name meaning" wings that are folded"
  • Evangeline: Greek girl name meaning "bringer of good news"

Famous angels in movies

Some of our most beloved characters are angels in movies and TV shows. Here are just a few of our favorites:

  • Clarance: It's a Wonderful Life
  • Tess: Touched by an Angel
  • Monica: Touched by an Angel
  • Archangel Michael: Michael
  • Dudley: The Preacher's Wife
  • Seth: City of Angels
  • Bartleby: Dogma
  • Loki: Dogma
  • Gabriel: Constantine

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