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If you want to give your baby a jump on the career ladder, start by giving your baby girl or baby boy a name that portrays strength, ambition and professionalism. Check out our picks of baby names that look good on a resume.

Today's parents are giving their children a leg up on their career by looking for baby names that will showcase their professionalism and will look great on a resume. Check out our tips for finding a baby girl name or baby boy name that will point your child in the right direction.

How do you pronounce that again?

Many parents are looking for a unique name, but if it has an unusual spelling or is difficult to pronounce, many hiring recruiters may just skip over the resume. If they are unsure how to pronounce Etain or Ailill (both Old Irish names), they may decide to call back Sebastian or Olivia instead. The same goes for unusual baby name spellings, such as Khate instead of Kate, which can come across as too trendy to be taken seriously in the workplace.

Your best bet is to stick to traditional and classic names that are easy to pronounce and easy to spell. Baby boy names like Jack, Robert and Max are great classic names, as are Mary, Emily, Alice and Elizabeth for girls. If you want a more unique name, look at classic names that were popular in past decades, such as Roy, Samuel, Clara or Helen.

Avoid overly trendy names

Baby names that are too trendy or "cutesy" may give the impression that the person cannot be taken seriously in the workplace. For instance, a girl named Bambi or Cherry may be skipped over for an Emma or Madison. You may love the Twilight series, but naming your child Renesmee or Bella may not help them climb the corporate ladder. However, Isabella is beautiful, classic name.

You should also consider names from pop culture and how they can influence your child's career. The names Bentley and Maci are moving up the popular baby name lists – but it is thanks to the MTV reality show Teen Mom. Lindsay is a pretty name, but it also reminds many of the troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan.

What about unisex names?

Unisex names such as Cameron, Dylan or Riley may portray a strong image for a woman applying for job, but be careful naming your son a name that is too feminine. It may hurt your son's confidence both in and out of the workplace if he is given a unisex name that is more popular for girls, such as Morgan or Leslie.

There are always exceptions…

Are we saying your child won't succeed if given a unique name? Of course not. After all, the President of the United States has the unique name of Barack Obama. Oprah is arguably one of the most powerful women in American and her name isn't at the top of the baby name lists. Indra Nooyi is the CEO of PepsiCo and on Forbes' Most Powerful Women list. For your best bet, however, stick to the classics.

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