50 Pretty baby girl names

Feminine baby girl

Pretty baby names for girls

Are you looking for a baby name that is as pretty as you know your baby girl will be? From beautiful flower names to long romantic names and feminine old-fashioned names, check out our pick of 50 pretty baby names for girls.

Many of today's parents are picking feminine baby names over unisex names, such as Cameron or Casey, for their baby girls. After all, sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of! If you want a baby name that is pretty and feminine, check out our picks below of top 50 pretty baby names for girls.

Flower baby girl names

These flower baby girl names are as feminine and pretty as the flowers themselves. Consider naming your daughter after a flower that has a special meaning to you. If you are having twins or having sibling daughters, it might be fun to name all the girls in your family flower baby names. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver followed this floral baby name theme when naming his daughters, Petal Blossom Rainbow, Daisy Boo Pamela and Poppy Honey Rosie.

Old-fashioned pretty baby girl names

There is something girly and quirky about these beautiful old-fashioned names. They are classic and never go out of style, so you don't have to worry about them being too trendy. Be inspired by a simpler time with these old-fashioned baby girl names.

Take a look at your own family tree and see what wonderful old-fashioned family names can be passed on to your daughter. You may find a gem that is not only beautiful, but meaningful as well.

Check out more old-fashioned baby names >>

Romantic & pretty baby girl names

These names are inspired by romantic destinations, romantic characters of the past and names that just sound like they should be in a great romance novel. They are pretty, feminine and perfect for your little darling girl.

Tips for finding a pretty baby name

If you are still searching for the perfect pretty girls name, why not consider searching for names straight from the romance languages? You can use our Advanced Baby Name Search to narrow down your choices to French baby names, Spanish baby names or Italian baby names, for example.

Think about your favorite characters from romance novels or movies for inspiration when searching for a pretty baby name. You can even think of objects you think are pretty and determine if this could be translated into a romantic and unique name.

Click the banner below to find baby names for girls with great meanings.

Meaningful names for girls

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Comments on "50 Pretty baby girl names"

Pharme71 April 15, 2014 | 9:26 PM

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sarah April 06, 2014 | 2:31 AM

Its really hard for parents in my opinion to find a name that is going to stick with there child for the rest of there lives. I always hated that part choosing a name because you want to choose one that is not so frequently used,my solution was to mix names and them on paper and have like four or five names ready and when the big the day was here i would ask family members which one sounded better i would get my names from this site like i really like the flower name Daliah one of my daughters middle name is that i love that name but yes that is my advice for the mothers whi are struggling to find a name sooner or later you will find the right/perfect one! Good Luck and Congratulations:)P.S choose wisely

Becky April 05, 2014 | 2:51 PM

We picked names for our girls which were uncommon but pretty at the same time. Our oldest is Fallon Kathleen, to keep w/ the Irish in our family. The youngest is Micheale(Michael) Caroline, both stood out in the crowd. Micheale did have to explain her name to people, but the beauty of her name & her cuteness overcame that, she likes being Mikie!

Kara April 04, 2014 | 6:33 PM

I don't like using common names only because they'll be too popular. People will be confused on which person your child is. I like unique names, but not names like "Poppy." Names like Anabelle or Skyler are names that aren't used often. I prefer Luna.

krystal March 29, 2014 | 3:35 PM

I love unique names I have a daughter Brooklynn Marie and I am expecting baby number 2 and if baby is a girl her name will be Zaria LaMae and boy name is Landon Jonathan and I am absolutely in love with both names!!!

MrMena March 17, 2014 | 6:27 PM

To Lindsay - Well said! To Eliza - ----

Lindsay March 16, 2014 | 4:40 PM

Eliza who are you to make that comment? Btw Troy is a god awful name. Just saying. And Hanna's over used :)

Idi March 12, 2014 | 8:59 AM

A parent wanting their child to be unique and stand out is all good and well. But giving your child a name that will be a constant challenge whether by mispronunciation, ridicule, misspelling is simply poor parenting. Parenting involves foresight and proper planning on a parent's part. Giving your child esteem issues and a totally unnecessary miserablechildhood does not build character. It tears it down

eliza March 06, 2014 | 1:58 PM

you guys have the worst baby names ever. i have a perfect name and guess what i am going to name my daughter? i am going to name my baby daughter hannah kirke i think it is way cuter than your names. plus i am going to name my baby boys name troy. dont you like it.thanks bye stupid ugly people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HappyMom March 04, 2014 | 6:59 PM

im not really understanding why any child would be made fun of based off of there name. every child ive encountered with a unique name sticks out in a different way from the others. A GOOD WAY. depends on what you see as "normal". The name doesn't have to be unicorn or Pineapple. I think most of you are going overboard with the understanding of "unique". Every child deserves there own identity. if you cant pronounce there name...ASK THE PARENTS OR THE CHILD. its not that serious. My daughters name is Kyra and people still mess it up. spelled how it sounds. Your opinion og what others name there child is irrelevant.

Jamie February 28, 2014 | 5:34 AM

I am a high school teacher. I'm all for "It's your child and you can name him/her whatever you want," but please make sure that the spelling makes sense. It is very awkward at the beginning of the year, when I call for attendance and cannot pronounce a child's name. It's awkward for that student. They have told me the dread it the whole time. I will try to figure out how to pronounce the name beforehand, but that is not always possible. I had a student come up to me once before school and beg me not to read her first name from the roster because she had been teased for it in the past. I never called her by that name, but sometimes the teachers do not know and it causes problems for the child. My daughter's name is Gabriella, and I am amazed at the people that pronounce it wrong. Whether you go with a unique name or a traditional name, just please make sure it has the simplest spelling for the child's sake.

Christina February 23, 2014 | 8:12 PM

Children are usually very accepting. The ones who are cruel often learn to be that way from someone they spend time with, ie. a parent or caregiver, just saying.

shar February 22, 2014 | 5:54 PM

who in the hell would name their kid or baby " fern" or " poppy'' that's very stupid you people have no idea what your talkin about do you? WOW! ha haha ha

ITSMYBABYILLDOWHATIWANT February 16, 2014 | 11:12 PM

Concerned- Sure, you can name your kid whatever you want. But know this-- Other kids are mean. If you're kid's name is 'Fern' or 'Poppy', then it'll make their life a much harder. They'll get made fun of as kids, and most likely denied a few jobs in their lifetime. You can do whatever you want to your kid... I don't care. However, if YOU care about your child's wellbeing, then don't give them some random ass name. Go with Jack or John instead of Moonberry or Valtrex. Also what's with you randomly bringing up abortion?

Concerned February 13, 2014 | 10:55 AM

Becky - You are a member of a church and you are saying such things as prepare yourself for your child to get made fun of if you give them a name that is special to you for whatever reason? Please tell me the name of the church because I NEVER want to attend there. Shame on any and all who are knocking people for their choices because you don't like it. At least they aren't KILLING their babies! I will name my child whatever I want, for whatever reason I want and if you don't like it, move on. No one says you have to be friends with me. Find a cause like abortion and channel your rage there where it belongs rather than here where innocent people are being judged for stupid reasons!!!

t February 11, 2014 | 6:39 PM

you lot have know imagination how dare you say naming a child emily or jane will make them get better jobs your all small minded and sad and u working ina nursery and refusing to pronounce childrens names right is near enough abuse id record you and have you struck off

Ashley February 08, 2014 | 6:16 PM

I cannot believe there are people on here who think it's ok to judge people especially children simply upon their name...you sound plain sick.

jil January 29, 2014 | 8:27 PM

Well I have a Nathan and a Kellie!! Nathan is 17 years old and almost never has another Nathan (Nate) in his class. My beautiful daughter is 10 years old and has never had another Kellie...I love the spelling with IE as it is the correct Irish way to spell female Kellie!! Beautiful names but not so common there's 12 in their elementary school

Susie January 29, 2014 | 2:44 PM

I think its cruel to a child to give them a very weird name because, without realizing it, you are making it so that they will be prejudged in the future and not taken seriously once they are adults and in the work force. How many CEO's, top medical specialists or lawyers do you know named Blakesley or Brylee Baylin? Some of you really need to read the book Freakonomics since this very subject is addressed there. I love my name as its not weird but not common either. Ive never had another Susan/Susie ( I go by both ) in any of my classes and my personality definately fits the name. If I ever have a daughter Im naming her Magdalena Rose (Maggie Rose for short). And for a boy, Ive always loved Xavier. Memo to the person above who listed Xavier as a weird name; its actually very common in French speaking places. I live in Montreal and its pretty common here as it is in Portugal and Spain. (But the Spanish spell it with a "J", like the well known actor Javier Bardem)

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