Tell Him He's A Dad

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Before you blurt out the news, consider surprising your husband or partner in one of these creative ways.

Woman suprising man with pregnancy

As soon as you see the positive pregnancy test, you'll feel so excited, nervous and thrilled that you'll want to run to your husband or partner to tell him the news right away. But if you can calm down enough, you can surprise him by announcing your pregnancy in a unique way.


Propose fatherhood

Plan a surprise "proposal" to announce the news to your hubby that you're expecting a little bundle. Consider recreating the way he proposed to you. Or place the positive pregnancy test in a box, get down on one knee and ask him, "Will you be the father of our baby?"


Say it with a T-shirt

There are so many T-shirt companies that sell tees perfect for fathers-to-be. If you can't find one with the perfect saying to present to your man, custom-create one yourself. Think of a cute phrase like "World's Greatest Dad-to-be" — and give it to him as a gift. If you are expecting baby No. 2, have your first child don a shirt that reads "Big Brother" or "Big Sister" — we're thinking your man will get the message pretty quickly!


Show him the proof

Instead of framing the first sonogram picture, share your baby's first picture via Facebook with a personal message to your man. If he's not a social media junkie, text him a picture of the sonogram or a picture of the positive pregnancy test with a short and sweet message like, "We're expecting!"


Shower him with hints

Surprise him with a slew of small baby present gifts (like bottles, binkies and a baby bonnet). He'll surely get the message that you two are expecting!


Spell it out

Sometimes the best way to announce big news to a man is to say it straight up. Spell it out for him with the words, "We're pregnant." You can write it in the sand at the beach, with lipstick on the bathroom mirror or even in frosting on a cake.

Starting a family is a very special time. With some planning and creativity, you can tell your husband that you're pregnant in a way that he'll never forget.

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Did you surprise your man with the news you're pregnant in a fun or special way? Do tell!

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Comments on "5 Surprise ways to tell him you're pregnant"

zaza April 08, 2013 | 9:35 AM

I like the first idea, woo woo can't wait to propose ;-)

fenia January 23, 2013 | 11:14 PM

buy a pair of baby shoes and tell him these are going to be worn in 9 months

zandapus December 03, 2012 | 9:05 PM

these suck

Lauren September 04, 2012 | 4:47 PM

I love the first idea - proposing to him and asking him if he'll be the father of our baby! So cute! I didn't surprise my husband with our first, I was just too excited. I called him up and told him haha! For our next, it will definitely be a surprise!! I can't wait to plan that out when it happens!

Morgan August 31, 2012 | 11:28 AM

I love all these ways except maybe the texting/social media way to tell him. That is something that needs to be told in private first, because I dont think the daddy to be would want everyone finding out at the same moment he least my future hubby shouldn't haha

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