9 Best grandparent gifts

Gift Ideas From The Grandchildren

With all the spoiling grandparents do, it's only fitting to shower them with gifts from the heart that honor their role in your kids' lives -- even when it's undermining your authority! From birthstone jewelry to personalized gift ideas, these nine best grandparent gifts will let the grandma and grandpa in your life know they are loved.


Photo gifts from grandchildren


Create the perfect gift ideas with online photo websites, like Snapfish or Shutterfly, which offer personalized photo gifts from aprons to coffee mugs to jewelry boxes displaying photos of your youngsters.


You can also hook grandpa up with a photo keychain or money clip featuring his favorite grandkids that gives him easy access to his bragging rights.


Jewelry photo gifts from photo mugs to photo jewelry make the perfect gifts for grandparents from grandkids young and old. "Many of my customers order Personalized Photo Earrings, 1" Square and 1" Circle Photo Charm Necklaces as grandma gifts because it not only serves as a great keepsake, but gives grandma a way to showoff how adorable her grandkids are," says Brooke Sides, BSidesMetal.

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Gift ideas that honor your roots


Gift ideas that feature birthstones, like necklaces, watches, broaches or rings are a great way to tip your hat to all the members of your family as far back as you choose, especially when it comes to gifts for grandma.


Customized family tree art featuring the names of all your family members also make a great grandparent gift idea, where the names form the shape of the tree or the names are featured on leaves of an artistic tree.


Current family members can add their thumb prints and label them on a ceramic serving dish or bowl adorned with the family surname for grandparent gifts from the family.

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Personalized grandparents gifts


You can order gifts featuring the nickname your kids call their grandparents, such as a Grammy and Pappy cookie jar (Personal Creations, $25 and up).


Or find gifts that celebrate the humor of being a grandparent when browsing the internet or your local card shop, like a personalized doormat from Coco Mats 'N More.


And stick figure family members are just as popular as ever, adoring tote bags, t-shirts, and even the back of grandma and grandpa's car window.

Before running out and buying something for the grandparents in your life, gift ideas that your kids can create themselves mean more to grandparents than any gifts from a store. So, grab some paint, your kid's creative hands, and a blank t-shirt, apron or wooden photo frame to create gifts for grandma and grandpa that celebrate their love year round!

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Comments on "9 Best grandparent gifts"

Andy Papier October 29, 2013 | 7:15 PM

Love this article Michelle. I'm very passionate about older people (my grandparents are no longer around) as a result I started my own company that helps show how much I do care. It's called http://mygrandbox/.

kayla September 14, 2013 | 6:41 AM

I love all these ideas they are all so creative and fun for your grandma

samantha December 23, 2012 | 8:02 AM

every year me and my grandma make a bunch of cookies,fudge,and cake balls and we put them in a little box for each of our family members its so much fun you should try it if you don't know what to make or get your family. :)

Katie December 12, 2012 | 2:44 PM

This is the first year that my parents are grandparents, and I plan on getting them each a picture frame with a photo of them and my baby in it. Grandparents do so much, it's important to show we appreciate them!

Karen May 09, 2012 | 7:48 AM

I give updated trees to my in-laws for Christmas each year. Always a big hit, and guaranteed brownie points. They look great on family reunion t-shirts as well! Now that's a shirt I will wear again.

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