Caylee Anthony's Mom Found Not Guilty

Casey Anthony has had her day in court -- and a jury has pronounced the young mother not guilty of the murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony. The woman was only found to be guilty of providing false information to investigators who were looking into the disappearance of her daughter. Caylee's body was found in December 2008 -- six months after the girl was reported missing -- and a cause of death has never been determined.

Caylee Anthony & Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony, 25, first made headlines three years ago when her beautiful two-year-old daughter Caylee disappeared. Today, after only 11 hours total of deliberation, the jury returned a not guilty verdict on the murder charge.

Web of lies

Anthony didn't report Caylee's "disappearance" for over 30 days. When she finally did, she began lying…a lot.

Throughout the ordeal, Casey Anthony told so many lies it was hard to keep them all straight. In the end, her defense attorney argued that Anthony had been taught to lie her entire life as a result of being sexually abused by her father, George Anthony. The defense claimed that Caylee accidentally drowned in a swimming pool.

The case

The prosecution's case was anything but airtight. According to the New York Times, "Forensic evidence was tenuous and no witnesses ever tied Ms. Anthony to Caylee's murder. Investigators found no trace of DNA or solid signs of chloroform or decomposition inside the trunk of Ms. Anthony's car, where prosecutors said Ms. Anthony stashed Caylee before disposing of her body."

Caylee's body was found six months after she disappeared, but it was too badly decomposed for medical examiners to determine a cause of death.

Moms react: The evidence wasn't there

Some moms maintain that the evidence to convict Anthony wasn't there. Gretchen Weston, a mom of two, said, "A part of me is shocked, but, as a lawyer, I have to believe that the state failed to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt."

"I agree that the prosecution left room for reasonable doubt -- and as distasteful as I find the woman, it's possible that she didn't kill her daughter," said mom of one Julie Carroll. "I think people are so upset because nobody will ever pay for Caylee's death. So it's over. No justice. And that's just hard to take."

Mom Christine Lane agrees: "While it disturbs me on several levels, I believe it was the right decision given the case presented. I think too many people are forgetting that it's innocent until proven guilty... Not the other way around."

Moms: It hits too close to home

Twitter streams and Facebook status updates convey the anger many moms feel over the not guilty verdict.

A mother's worst fear is losing her child, and the idea of a mom killing her own child is too much to fathom. Sentiments such as "Injustice has been served" and "Where is the justice?" abound.

The sheer volume of lies is overwhelming to many. Meredith Groenevelt asks simply, "So where do we go from here? Lying is wrong, but it totally gets the job done?"

How do you feel about the not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony trial? Vote in our pole and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Comments on "Casey Anthony trial verdict: Fair or fail?"

rose July 13, 2011 | 7:22 AM

The prosecution really messed up the case.They should have went for manslaughter!They knew they did not have any dna to connect her to her daughter's murder.I believe the jury wanted to get the hell out of the jury room.They did not want to be held up in that room for more days trying to figure out all the twists and turns of the case.From now on when I hear the word MURDER.. I think of poor calee. I believe casey will screw up again and she will pay the piper.She is a really messed up person and it is bound to catch up with her in other things she does from now on!

mary July 12, 2011 | 11:17 AM

Put yourself in her position as the defendant. No evidence to tie you to the death of this baby, but because people will get upset if we find you not get to die anyway. Is that our justice system???

Heather July 11, 2011 | 1:27 PM

She will never truly be set free the rest of her life. Everywhere she goes, people know her face, and she has to live with the guilt her entire life. She'll pay for what she did, one way or another- God's always watching.

Cindy Merrill July 08, 2011 | 2:10 AM

I believe in Karma, which is a universal force of nature in the spiritual sense- " Ye reap what ye sow" ( Bible): If indeed this woman killed her daughter, she will suffer for it later, possibly in her old age, when fame, fortune and family have fled from her. Fate is not kind to those without family during the twilight years.

Natasha July 06, 2011 | 10:24 AM

Wow this is crazy! Is the jury that stupid to leave that go! Shes a lier. Thats why the bit** didint report her daugther missing because she wanted to wait for her body to decompose! DUHHH!! She was lieing about everything; why is that? Very fishey & she deverse to be put behind bars!

Alissa July 05, 2011 | 9:16 PM

This is just plain sickening. Someone can go to jail for five years over being caught with marijuana, but when you kill your child you get away with barely a tap on the wrist? I am more than saddened by the truth that America's justice system is so backwards. I hope this changes, and soon.

J July 05, 2011 | 3:48 PM

It's sick to know that now she will make money from interviews etc. And good honest people are still fighting for jobs! I think this is a serious loss for the publics trust in the legal system and I honestly believe any parent who has wanted to do harm to their child will now do so knowing they can get away with it! She will def. Need a bodyguard as no one believes she's innocent! Who doesn't say the name of the father what a wacko! Rip to Caylee!!!

shirley cribb July 05, 2011 | 2:23 PM

This verdict makes me sick! I missed the first part of the trial. Did Caycee see or talk to her parents at all those 31 days? Was there any testimony about her friends asking about Caylee and where she was during this time?

horrible July 05, 2011 | 2:03 PM

i dont think she should be set free.the jury should be ashamed i would like an explination ..WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LITTTE GIRL

FailedSystem July 05, 2011 | 1:56 PM

I am just speechless! Feels like the OJ Simson case all over again. Eleven hours? What was the jury thinking? It's as if they were all just tired of being there and wanted to go home so they gave a not guilty verdict. Shame on the jury.

Christine July 05, 2011 | 1:53 PM

Evidence was circumstantial even if convincing. My guess is the jurors will say they believe she did it, but that the prosecution did not prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecution should have done a better job, or waited till they had hard proof. I don't think it was a case of her getting off because the defense did such a great job, but her getting off because the prosecution did such a crappy job.

Tim July 05, 2011 | 1:33 PM

In my opinion there was more than enough evidence to put her away. What mom goes on for 31 days acting like nothing happened when their precious daughter is missing? The fact that the dogs hit on the trunk, the internet searches, the traces of chloroform. It boggles the mind the jury found her not guilty. I think the defense did a good job but the prosecution in my opinion was much better. Justice was not served and it sickens me that CA will be able to make money off of this let alone be free.

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