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Finding time to spend together during the course of a week can seem next to impossible for the average family between work, school, practice, homework and chores. It's sometimes even more of a challenge to find activities that the whole family can enjoy. This weekend is the perfect time to settle family dilemmas with these options for family fun.

Family camping

1Local festivals

There are plenty of local festivals to choose from and that will satisfy everyone from the cultural enthusiast to the people watcher, and most include an area dedicated to family fun. Don't forget to check with your local schools for fall harvest and spring fling festivals that provide all the fun at a fraction of the cost.

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2Sporting eventS

While going down to the arena or ballpark to watch professionals in action is fun, you don't need season tickets to watch the minor leagues or your local high school take on the town rival.

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Consider contributing to your community as a family. Many towns have organizations that spruce up public spaces where toddlers can pull up weeds (with supervision) while the older kids can plant seeds and bulbs. Another option is to help out at one of the many animal-rescue organizations or take your kids to visit the elderly at a retirement home.

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Find the bug spray, pop the tent and light the campfire. Even if you can't get to a campground, have your own family camping night in the backyard. While you may not be able to light a campfire, you can grill hot dogs and tell stories by the glow of a flashlight or portable lantern.

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Going to the movies is the perfect option for bad weather weekends. Kids get a kick out of seeing their favorite characters on the big screen, and you can sneak in some quiet time. Seriously, who can resist the movie snacks anyway?

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6Road trip

Have the family pack their bags and head out of town for a family road trip. Check out a national park, head to the beach or strap on the backpacks and go hiking in the mountains. Getting away from the everyday hectic pace and taking in nature's beauty is a great way to spend time with the family in the fresh air.

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Find fun activities that the whole family can enjoy and rediscover the joy of being a family this weekend.

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Comments on "Fun family weekend activities"

MaryAnn April 12, 2012 | 4:53 PM

One activity that me and my family enjoy is Family Home Evening every Monday night. We share lessons, spiritual thoughts, and spend quality time together. FHE is a very important part of our routine, and I think more people should consider it.

zoe April 23, 2011 | 4:58 PM

sorry but i was looking for something that well.... was actually in Vegas for around $20 that i could enjoy with my family and they would not mind that i was taking them out like mini golf but i need something at night. But i like your ideas.

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