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Your preschooler was sleeping through the night...until suddenly they weren't. Or maybe yours can't seem to tire enough to go to sleep. We've asked three experts to help us decipher some big preschooler sleep problems.

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Sleep smarts

Milk at bedtime?

My almost-4-year-old still likes to have a cup of milk at bedtime. Is it okay for him to have it?

Routine is important for children, but what about when that routine includes a cup of milk at bedtime? Is that okay?


Michi: Yes, this is fine. You will want to make sure that he brushes his teeth after having the milk.

Dr. Darley: It is fine for him to have a low calorie snack with protein. Other options would be some nuts or 'ants-on-a-log,' cheese, yogurt, tortilla with bean dip, etc.

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Not dry all night?


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Arianita July 14, 2012 | 1:28 AM

oh wow you are awesome i hanvet been able to find an sleep videos longer than 3 hours and usually when the rain stops i wake up so this helps me sleep straight through the night thankyou so much can you make on this long of only thunderstorms i love hearing the thunder or i always wanted to find on like either horses wakling on gravel or high heels on pavment i kow that sounds weird but its relaxing

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