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Your preschooler was sleeping through the night...until suddenly they weren't. Or maybe yours can't seem to tire enough to go to sleep. We've asked three experts to help us decipher some big preschooler sleep problems.

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Sleep smarts

Toddler up in the night

My 3-year-old has started getting up in the middle of the night after sleeping through the night for years. Is this normal? How can I get her to sleep through the night again?

Just when you thought you'd hit your stride with sleep, your little one starts waking up again. Where's it coming from? And what should you do?


Michi: Quite often preschoolers will have a little setback with sleep. Is there a reason for the waking? Has anything in your child's life changed recently? Moved houses? Started a new school? These are things that can affect your child's sleep. You don't want to introduce any new habits, so don't start giving your child a warm drink of water. If you bring your child into your bed, you don't want to do it more than two consecutive nights. Your child will want to sleep with you every night.

Dr. Darley: As children go through different developmental stages they may have periods of getting up in the night. This may be a time when she is rapidly learning a new skill. Continue returning her to her own bed and giving some quick loving reassurance. You want to give her the opportunity to fall asleep on her own.

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Coping with nightmares

Milk before bedtime

Not dry all night?


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