Irish baby girl names

Irish Girl Names
And Meanings

Irish baby girl names are a popular choice with parents because they are unique, yet have a melodic and feminine sound to them. Check out our picks for the top Old Irish baby girl names and modern Irish baby girl names. Whether you have Irish heritage in your family tree or just love the sound of these beautiful names, you are sure to find the perfect girl name right here.

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Irish girl names are a popular choice with parents because they are unique, yet have a feminine sound to them. We have rounded up the top Old Irish baby girl names and the top modern Irish girl names.

Old Irish Baby Girl Names

Old Irish girl names are beautiful with wonderful and characteristic meanings. They can be tricky to pronounce and pronunciations can change between different sources.

  • Aoife (EE-fe)
  • Niamh (Nee-av)
  • Roisin
  • Aisling
  • Sinead
  • Maeve (MAYV)
  • Siobhan (Shih-ban)
  • Allana
  • Aine (Awn-ye)
  • Cessaiar (Kah-seer)
  • Caoilainn (Kay-leen)

Modern Irish Names

Even though the Old Irish names are unique, they may present challenges to your child if people have a hard time pronouncing or spelling their name. These Modern Irish names still have the wonderful sound, but are easier to pronounce and spell.

Celebrity Irish baby girl names

Celebrities have gotten in on the Irish baby name trend. Check out some of our favorites:

  • Actor Patrick Dempsey: Darby
  • Martina McBride: Delaney
  • Chris O'Donnell, Holly Marie Combs, Lisa Marie Presley: Finley
  • Jenny Garth: Fiona
  • Kim Basinger & Alec Baldwin: Ireland
  • Coldplay's Will Champion: Juno
  • Chris O'Donnell: Maeve
  • Sinead O'Connor: Roisin (Roh-sheen)
  • Patrick Dempsey, Demi Moore/Bruce Willis: Tallulah

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