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Many of today’s parents want a baby boy name that has it all -- unique (but not too far “out there”), flows well with the last name and one that has a great meaning. To help you narrow down your search, check out our pick of boy names with great meanings, including boy names that mean strong, blessing, warrior and leader.

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Baby boy names meaning "Strong"

Many parents want their son to have a masculine name -- and these boy names that mean "strong" certainly fit the bill.

  • Chale: Strong and youthful
  • Ekon: Strong
  • Hagan: Strong defense
  • Hamza: Powerful; Lion
  • Jedrek: Strong, manly
  • Jerry: Brave spearman
  • Kalmin: Manly and strong
  • Kwan: Strong
  • Magnar: Strong warrior
  • Mann: Strong man
  • Neron: Strong
  • Remo: The strong one
  • Takeo: Strong as bamboo
  • Takeshi: Strong
  • Tiger: Powerful and energetic

Baby boy names that mean "Warrior"

Are you looking for the perfect name for your tough guy? These boy names that mean "warrior" are cool and unique.

  • Cadman: Warrior; Fighter
  • Cadmar: Brave Warrior
  • Clodoveo: Famous warrior
  • Kelly: Warrior
  • Donovan: Dark warrior
  • Wyatt: Little warrior
  • Guy: Warrior
  • Helmer: The wrath of a warrior
  • Morgan: Sea warrior

Baby boy names that mean miracle or blessing

Is your baby boy a blessing or a miracle? Perhaps these blessed names may be the perfect choice.

  • Boone: Good, A blessing.
  • Jedidiah: Blessed name from the Bible
  • Karamat: Miracle
  • Berwin: Welsh name for Blessing
  • Baraka: Arabic name for Blessing
  • Indivar: Sanskrit name meaning Blessing

Baby boy names that mean leader

If you have aspirations of raising a future President or leader, these names may give them a head start.

  • Duke: Leader
  • Aralt: Irish name meaning leader
  • Melville: Celtic name meaning leader
  • Barnett: English name meaning leader
  • Aurik: German name meaning noble leader
  • Dietrich: German name meaning, "leader of the people"
  • Cedric: Welsh name meaning, "war leader"
  • Derreck: English name meaning leader
  • Frederik: German name meaning, "merciful leader"
  • Lyn: Welsh name meaning leader and lion-like
  • Emory: German name meaning leader and "head of the household"
  • Caleb: Famous leader in the Bible
  • Joshua: Leader of the Israelites in the Bible

More boy names with meanings

For more ideas, check out these boy names with great meanings.

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Comments on "Boy names with great meanings"

Liquid May 28, 2013 | 5:20 PM

IF I ever have a son his name will be Sheridan Forest or Sherlock Lowman.

kota February 02, 2013 | 6:34 AM

I love donovan beacuse it an warrior name.

Ines July 11, 2012 | 8:26 PM

We haven't even TTC yet (Jan 2012), but I've definitely stteard a list. Hubby and I agree on some, disagree on others; and the list changes every week. We're definitely looking at simple, short names because we have a very long, polish last name. ;)

angel June 20, 2012 | 7:24 PM

meaning beautiful, and brought down by god so someone lucky can have the most wonderful baby they could ever have.

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