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Girl names with great meanings

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Beautiful girl names with lovely meanings

Today’s parents are not only looking for a unique name for their baby girl, but they also want a name that has a special meaning. Check out our pick of girl names with great meanings you can be proud of.

You want a baby girl name that is unique or trendsetting, but also one that flows well with your last name and has a meaning that is special. Let us help you narrow down your list with our picks of these beautiful girl names with great meanings.

Popular baby names that have lovely meanings

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of some of your favorite baby names? Many of these popular names not only sound beautiful, but have great meanings to go along with them. Pick a name that has a special meaning to you or mentions a trait you would like to see in your daughter.

Perhaps you are looking for a baby name with a specific meaning? Check out some girl names that are as pretty as they sound.

Girl names meaning "love"

By naming your daughter a name that means "love," you can be sure her life will be filled with love and laughter.

The following baby girl names mean love or a variation of the word:

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Girl names meaning "happy"

Can a happy name bring forth a happy child? These names definitely make us happy! Check out our top picks of baby girl names that mean "happy":

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Girl names meaning "beautiful"

Check out the following beautiful girl names for your beautiful girl:

  • Jamille: Beautiful
  • Kenna: Attractive
  • Lana: Attractive, peaceful
  • Naveen: Beautiful
  • Belinda: Very beautiful
  • Jolie: Cheerful, pretty
  • Elle: Beautiful fairy
  • Lily: Purity and beauty
  • Mabel: My beautiful one

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Girl names meaning "noble"

Your daughter will surely be noble and strong, making these names a perfect choice!

Girl names meaning "strong"

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Girl names meaning "miracle"

If your baby girl is a miracle, why not give her one of these miraculous names?

  • Karishma: Miracle
  • Alazne: Miracle
  • Karamat: Miracle
  • Daniella: Feminine form of Daniel, who miraculously survived the den of lions in the Old Testament

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Girl names with biblical meanings

These baby girl names with biblical meanings are the perfect way to pass on your faith and beliefs to your child.

  • Abigail: Old Testament name meaning "father's joy"
  • Bethany: Biblical name meaning "the house of song"
  • Charity: New Testament name meaning "love, faith and hope"
  • Elizabeth: Hebrew name meaning "the oath or fullness of God"
  • Faith: Greek name meaning "faithful"
  • Judith: Latin name meaning "praised"
  • Mary: Biblical name meaning "wished-for child"
  • Naomi: Hebrew name meaning "beautiful; agreeable"
  • Phoebe: American name meaning "the shining one"
  • Tabitha: Biblical name from the Old Testament meaning "gazelle, beauty, grace"

Pretty girl names and meanings

Still want more choices? These are beautiful names with great meanings!

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