Hippie baby girl names

Top Hippie Names
For Baby Girls

Hippie girl names are unique, eclectic and are often inspired by Mother Earth. If you are searching for the perfect baby girl name for your little hippie-in-the-making, check out our list of hippie girl names inspired by nature, music and even famous hippies.

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Hippie girl names inspired by virtue

You can also come up with a cool hippie name by thinking of a virtue or characteristic you would like your daughter to have. Here are some examples:

You can also combine a virtue name with a nature name for the ultimate hippie girl name. Some examples include Rainbow Hope, Star Serenity, Meadow Love, Ocean Radiance and Moonbeam Shine.

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Ava June 03, 2012 | 3:07 PM

Some of my favorite hippie names Girls: Luna, Sunshine, Rose child, Moon child, Daydream, Breeze, Ocean, Mokey, (pronounced Moe-key)

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