Unique Native American Names

Native American baby girl names are unique and rich with meaning and are a perfect way to pay tribute to your culture. Check out our list of popular Native American names, as well as traditional and authentic names perfect for your baby girl.

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A traditional Native American name was given to a child by a religious leader or tribal community leader. They usually did not give a child their name until they were much older -- sometimes waiting until puberty! The tribes believed that a child's name should come from a life event, experience or dream.

You can still give your child a more authentic Native American name by going through the Native American dictionary and picking out words that correlate with something in your life.

Traditional Native American girl names

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Following are some examples of authentic Native American girl names that would make beautiful first or middle names:

  • Na'estse: Means "One" in Cheyenne (Maybe this is your first child?)
  • Nese: Two in Cheyenne
  • Nistu: Means three
  • Neewa: Means four
  • Niaran: means five
  • Enemene: Means sing in Cheyenne
  • Enesta: Means hear in Cheyenne
  • Toma: Means sun in the Wiyot
  • Tepkunset: Means Moon
  • Seke: Means Black
  • Nagamao: Means Sing
  • Maji: Means Leave
  • Winona: First daughter
  • Tanis: Daughter
  • Nizhoni: Beautiful
  • Meli: Daughter
  • Kateri: Mohawk version of Catherine

Popular Native American Baby Names

This list of Native American names includes those that are often seen on lists of "Top Native American Name" lists. Some Native American baby name experts caution that not all of these names may be authentic Native American names. However, they are still beautiful names.

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Indian tribes as first names

Although the names Dakota, Cheyenne and Cherokee are beautiful names, some Native Americans take offense to these names being used as first names because they are also the names of their tribes. They find it inappropriate and compare it to naming a baby God or Christ.

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Crissie October 03, 2013 | 12:34 PM

To Bob, she might be a Ho-Chunk Indain. There tribe is a pretty big tribe in Wisconsin. Depending where in Wisconsion she lived would tell us more about what tribe she was from.(Got that advice from my grandfather who is a desendent of the St.Croix Tribe)

Bob July 22, 2013 | 7:29 PM

I have a distant relative, Wa shee So-Sat, a woman born in the late 18th century who lived in Wisconsin. Any idea of what tribe she may have been from, meaning of her name? Thanks Bob

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