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One of the baby name trends that stood out on the Social Security Administration's list of top girl names was the prevalence of destination or city baby names, such as London, Alexandria and Paris.

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Check out our pick of the top city baby names for girls.

Why a city name?

Some parents name their baby after a city, state or country because it was a place they visited during their honeymoon, anniversary or other special trip. Some places have a historical or family tie that they want to acknowledge. Other parents admit that this special place is where the baby was actually conceived or maybe even born.

Whether you are looking to name your baby girl after a memorable city or are just looking for a unique name, check out our pick of the top destination names or city baby names for girls.

Celebrity girl names after cities, states and places

The Social Security Administration listed the top city names that ranked on the popular name lists for girls.

Celebrity girl names after cities, states and places

Many celebrities name their baby girls after cities — and some even have city names themselves! Check out some of our top picks:

  • Paris (Hilton)
  • Alabama (daughter of Drea DeMatteo and Shooter Jennings)
  • Brooklyn (Victoria and David Beckham's son, but could also work for a girl)
  • Chelsea (Clinton)
  • Dakota (Fanning)
  • Florence (Henderson)
  • Juno (As in the movie, but also a city in Alaska)
  • Bristol (Palin)
  • Ireland (Baldwin; daughter of Alex Baldwin and Kim Basinger)
  • Jordan (Reality star in the UK)

Delightful destination names

Even though these names didn't make the list of top baby girl names, we think any of these would make a unique and lovely first or middle name.

Although we have listed these under city girl names, many of these destination names are unisex and can be easily given to both girls and boys.

Brooklyn, Logan, Paris, Peyton and Dakota are just a few examples of names that can be given to girls or boys.

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What is your favorite city name? Are we forgetting any cool city names?

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Comments on "City baby names for girls"

Vicki June 20, 2013 | 10:09 PM

Would like to point out that as pretty as it is, Helena was a female name before it was a place name. The name of the town came from St. Helena. Even though the Soc. Sec admin lists it as a place name, Helen and its variants is a rather common girl's name that doesn't have to do with a place. If you really want to invoke a place, maybe try something like Dakota or Cheyenne or Paris or London. Similarly, Athena is the name of a goddess that the city of Athens was named after, and to me it does not invoke a place but an actual name. Good luck naming your babies!

Adia June 05, 2013 | 12:25 AM

I've had three boys so far and looking forward to my girl TRIPLETS! I'm so excited I'm thinking of calling them Londyn, Paris and Virginya

Twinkie May 12, 2013 | 3:12 AM

Sooooo love these names. Maybe you think I'm kinda cookie but I named my twin boys Daytona and Monaco. I just get crazy for Formula 1. These two are already racing round my duplex.

Leelynn February 05, 2013 | 9:18 AM

Plus I'm expecting another one! Sooo keen =D*

Katie January 26, 2013 | 12:14 PM

I like Aurora a lot! Very cute!

Kim January 10, 2013 | 9:55 PM

Thanks for the great suggestions! We have added them to the list.

Destiny December 29, 2012 | 1:37 PM

My mom just had twin girls and we named them Londynn as in the city in England and Vienna as in Austria :) Can't believe Londynn and Vienna weren't up there!! Lol :)

shannon October 31, 2012 | 6:17 PM

I have 2 little girls names Maddison (5yrs old) an Brooklyn (1yrs old) I absolutely loooove city names. But now that im thinking about having another I've come to a road block on the name game...bummer :((

Izzy September 22, 2012 | 2:14 PM

I named my twin boys Seattle and Denver. Seattle is a great name, I don't know why it isn't up there!

Ismary August 09, 2012 | 12:04 AM

Well, actually we only deeidcd on a name a month or two before I gave birth and we had no one in our surroundings that were giving birth around the same time. I did notice that telling people your choice of names causes all sorts of drama so maybe for that part we might keep it secret for baby 2. not sure.We did have 'names we liked' and people stole those... but now that I think back, I wouldn't of named my child that anyway. Too common (now)

Carrie May 23, 2012 | 10:13 AM

Sedona is my daughter's name too...I love it!

Sedona May 10, 2012 | 11:47 AM

I can't believe Sedona wasn't on here! That's my daughter's name.

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