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Fall gourds

When Oct. 31 comes around, while much of the country is delving into their imaginations for spooky or scary costumes, there are some families — quite a few, in fact — who don’t celebrate or observe Halloween.

Create a fall festival

If you are one of those people, you may find this time of year awkward. Spending weeks steering your kids away from the ever-increasing retail hype and constantly explaining why you don't celebrate can be draining. You may feel like you just want to get to Nov. 1 already!

This year, however, try turning October into your family's personal celebration of joys of the season, honoring your beliefs in a fall festival — no ghosts or goblins necessary.

Seasonal appreciation

Regardless of whether you celebrate Halloween, autumn is a glorious time of the year in much of the country. Leaves are changing, adding vibrancy to the daily landscape that possibly has not been appreciated since the leaves burst out in the spring. Apples are ripe for the picking, cider is being pressed and there's a crispness in the air. School has started and kids (hopefully) are enjoying a new season of learning. Winter holidays are on the way and it's time for the first fire in the fireplace. It's a time of transition, and one that can be appreciated in its own right.

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Celebration without costumes

A seasonal celebration requires no costumes. It requires no candy. It requires no eerie soundtracks or tricks. As with so many celebrations, it's about the attitude.

Call like-minded friends and arrange a fall potluck or enjoy an afternoon of crafts with the kids. Plan a special movie night in and make fresh kettle corn or organize a neighborhood game night. Go on a favorite hike or take a bike ride. Many orchards make fall celebrations easy, with hay rides, activities for the kids and fresh produce ripe for the picking — gather your friends and family, pick apples and spend the evening making scrumptious pies. Whatever you choose to do, if you call it a celebration and you make the effort to appreciate the season, then a celebration is what it will be!

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Fall decorations

It's easy to decorate for fall without a Halloween theme. Thanksgiving decorations are already out in the stores full-force, and many of those feature attractive fall items that will work all season long — autumn leaves, fall-themed wreaths and foods of the harvest. From rugs to warm candles to flower arrangements to wall decor, you can find plenty of inspiration at local craft stores.

Simple explanations

If you feel it necessary to explain yourself, whether to adults or children, you can choose to be as informational as you like. However, in the hoopla and busyness Halloween seems to bring, others may not be fully able to hear your message. It may be easier to keep the explanation simple and offer to talk more about it after their sugar high has passed. A simple, "As Christians, we choose not to participate in an event with Pagan origins. I'd be happy to tell you more sometime," may go further than something more dogmatic.

If you don't celebrate Halloween you can still celebrate the gorgeous fall season in a fun, delicious and respectful way.

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Comments on "When you don’t celebrate Halloween"

Helen October 27, 2013 | 11:35 PM

Halloween is one of the top selling days for business owners in US and in some other countries. Most people do not know why they celebrate Halloween and what is Halloween for? They are happy to wear different kinds of scary costumes and attend parties and entertainment parks. Business owners are happy as their business booms. Children also have fun to collect candies during Trick-or-treats, wear different costumes at school and decorate homes with monsters, vampires, witches, etc. In my case, I experience so much negativity during Halloween especially at night. http://www.spiritualresearchfoundation/meaning-of-halloween

K.D. October 31, 2012 | 6:42 PM

I love this post! Tonight is the night and I was so thrilled to see that not one child came begging for candy at our door or anyone's on our street (perhaps they went to a larger community) and I was also thrilled to see none handing candy out either. In my opinion as a Christian, not partaking or observing the holiday also means not participating in handing out candy-otherwise you're perpetuating the very thing you dislike. I fully believe in harvest parties and Autumn celebrations-children can still dress up in costume but no masks, no scary decorations or anything that resembles Oct.31st.

H October 12, 2012 | 1:50 PM

Although I buy candy to give out at Halloween, I personally don't see the point anymore. However, my husband loves it for some reason and insists on decorating. We get so few kids coming to the door now that I think maybe soon it will be a thing of the past. I think most of them go to the schools that have tables sent up in the gym to give out candy. Why go from door to door when you can just walk around a gym and collect candy?

Amy October 12, 2012 | 12:33 PM

I think it's totally fine not to celebrate Halloween, but like the idea of having a fall celebration instead. Any reason to give your kids something to look forward to is good in my book!

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