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Giuliana Rancic is an effervescent television personality who interviews celebrities for E! But behind closed doors, the 35-year-old has been waging a battle against infertility. She and her husband are speaking out about their efforts to have kids, hoping that it will help other women in similar situations.

Guilianna and Bill


Infertility isn't a dirty word. It's a reality, and one that affects women everywhere. It could be your best friend, your cousin, your boss ... or it could be all of them.

In the United States, 7.3 million women suffer from an impaired ability to have children, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control. Another 2.1 million married women are considered infertile, which is defined as being unable to get pregnant for one year. The staggering statistics show that this is widespread issue — and one that isn't discussed nearly enough.

But E! host Giuliana Rancic and husband Bill, who won Donald Trump's Apprentice, are speaking out about their private struggles with infertility, showing that infertility can impact anyone — money or no money, fame or no fame.

Getting real

Giuliana and Bill Rancic went through a year of struggling with infertility before they decided to be open and honest about their efforts to have a baby on their reality show, Giuliana and Bill. In a recent interview on The View, they talked about how age and weight issues have contributed to their fertility issues.

The main issue, the couple says, is Giuliana's age — over 35. "I thought I was still so young. We did IUI (intrauterine insemination) and that didn't work. We did more tests, and the doctors said: 'You're 35 and your eggs are old.' And I'm like, what? I was so shocked, and I said to myself: Had I known it was going to be so hard to get pregnant maybe I would have frozen my eggs at like 30 or 28," says Giuliana.

But Giuliana's weight is also an issue. She's considered underweight, and has been told to gain five to 10 pounds by doctors. She admits that's been a tough thing for her — but she has gained about five pounds.

Why share such an intensely personal story? She's hoping her story will reach younger, career-driven women like her, who may not know that waiting to have kids can affect your ability to conceive.

What you should know

There are many reasons that a woman may experience difficulty getting pregnant. Fertility begins to decline when women are in their 30s, according to WebMD. Reasons include a decline in eggs, reduced health of eggs and hormonal changes. Men can also experience fertility issues such as low sperm counts.

Beyond age, the CDC says that smoking, excess drinking, stress, diet, weight extremes (overweight or underweight) and sexually transmitted infections can also affect fertility, as can some health issues.

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What to do

If you are having trouble getting pregnant, start by talking to your doctor. They can help determine if there is a problem, and how to address it.

Furthermore, if you are under- or overweight, it's important to get to a healthy weight when trying to conceive. Experts say that for fertility, it's ideal to have a BMI between 20 and 24.

Also, if you are planning to wait until you are older to have children, you should take precautionary measures, such as freezing eggs, to ensure that you have a better chance of conceiving when you want to. "I would say go to the doctor and get a blood test called FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone). Test your FSH level and you can see if you're going to have a hard time getting pregnant or not. If you monitor it every year and you see it changing, then at least you don't feel like you got blindsided," says Giuliana.

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Comments on "Giuliana Rancic says age and weight affected fertility"

debbie August 22, 2011 | 9:31 PM

Guilana you are beautiful and I pray that you have children soon. You are not really that old. You have a lot on your plate and I think Bill needs to be there with you more and supporting your endeavors help you emotionally more. He does seem to make things happen that don't even involve you. You are a couple joined as one ,d I see him totally negating your opinion and going over your head @ selling dream home and building restaurant in Chicago. You haven't had your parents next door and yet he wines about being away from his family. Come on You do all the compromising and bending over backwards for his whims and he just poo poos your ideas. Hope you don't lose yourself and try to relax and demand rest and equality so you may see great results!

Leslie January 17, 2011 | 11:28 PM

Guillianna & Bill, God sees the love you two have for him, each other and what you can give to a child's heart and soul. It will happen soon for you and it will probablly be twins. God bless you both and the new additions to come. Cordially Leslie, Florida

aspasia December 20, 2010 | 5:54 AM

Giuliana needs to gain 15 pounds --so she has an extra cushion --and limit her activity. She is too busy and the body reads that as stress and nature does not want us to bring children into a stressful environment. I almost lost my daughter being underweight naturally and being stressed about being a mother at such a young age. Once she is pregnant, do more sit down interviews and sit while she hosts the show so she is not on her feet as much.

Linda Willingham December 14, 2010 | 12:01 PM

Hey guys i just wanted to let you both know that God is still in control and what is meant to be will be! Keep your faith and hold on to the love you both have for each other! THAT with prayer and faith will get you through anything!

Angela December 14, 2010 | 9:54 AM

They are such a cute couple! I really hope and pray that they can concieve a child soon. I am a young mother of two and got pregnant both times, not even trying and when I saw the episode of the miscarriage and it just broke my heart. I watch their show every week just waiting for the episode where the ivf works and they are pregnant. If Guliana and Bill are reading this I wish you all the best luck in having your beautiful child. I will be praying for you guys. Angela :)

Irene Pine November 22, 2010 | 12:34 PM

Guliana and Bill, I have twenty year old beautiful daughter who is in college right now who is an IVF baby. I went through the issues you are going thrpugh. Gulianna I gave myself the shots oh my I was so scared but I did it. Hurt but I wanted a baby and you know I went through like six or seven times and afterso many times the docs and nurses just let me take care of myself with the shots and stuff and at first I warched the calendar and clock like a hawk, but the last time I just stop watching the claendar so close and the clock. I gave my shots when I recalled them and oh I didnt skip but I wasnt stressing out. I decided to lay back and be nutral like a person would do and just kick back with the whole thing and whata know I had a baby her name is Rachael. So Gulianna I know the shots hurt and stuff blood tests but look just kick back and take it natural and just concentrate on having fun and loving life and stop not breathing everytime something happens. Just take life as it comes. And like you said you have all kinds of women who will be surregets. That so kwell. Listen girl you will get you baby/ies. you will be a great mother and Bill will be a great daddy so just relax and stio looking at this whole this like a business idea, it life and life has it ups and downs and sidewaays happenings. right right love ya renene.

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