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Be ready for the spray

News flash: When cool air hits a baby's privates, he'll tend to pee. So open that diaper carefully (read: Slowly!) so that you can catch the stream before it's all over you and the nursery. You can also cover Baby's privates with a washcloth, which will absorb the spray before it gets you.


Music soothes

They say that music can tame the savage beast. It also can calm a child down or, in the car, even put him to sleep. Slide in a CD and see how something that's soft and soothing can make everything a little more relaxed.


Skip the shoes

Look: Until your child can walk, she really doesn't need shoes. Socks? Absolutely! But not shoes. If you still put them on, be honest: It's about you, not her. Save the money until she really needs them.


No juice boxes? No problem

It used to be that kids needed the necessary skill of juice-box drinking for when they hit school days. But these days, parents tend toward reusable bottles for school drinks. So, just make sure your child is well versed on using reusables — and he'll be just fine.


Get them to sleep later

Have an early riser? That can be super tough. And if yours is really little, you might not be able to explain sleeping in to her. So, make it a little harder to wake up by hanging blackout curtains in Baby's room. Close them at bedtime. You won't be sorry. For older children, teach them that they can't get up until a certain time. It will save your sanity.

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Comments on "10 Simple baby care tricks Mom never told you"

Sam December 19, 2012 | 3:04 AM

@bk I have 10 month old twins and I only use wet washcloths and cloth diapers on their little bums. Diaper wipes leave soap behind. The only time I had to use more than a wet washrag was when they both had diarreaha for 2.5 weeks, the doctor saw them multiple times during that yuck.if they are really poopy I just stick them in the tub and wash them. When we go to the bathroom do we use soapy toilet paper and leave some soap behind for good measure? Highly unlikely. Breast milk is anti viral, anti inflammatory, sterile, anti parasitic, anti bacterial, anti fungal. that's a lot of antis! If your baby gets congested, or irritated eyes, squirt some breast milk in their eye or nose, squirt it on their butt if they get diaper rash, or a cut. Breast milk is a natural healing agent.

bk December 13, 2012 | 5:13 AM

ok a question about #3...no wipes...yes it is 100% breast milk, but it is the "Junk" left over that didn't get digested...including bacteria regardless of being low bacteria, that can cause a rash/infection.

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