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Looking for a cool or unique name for your baby girl or boy? As you enter the homestretch of your pregnancy and begin futilely attempting to anticipate every miniscule detail of what you’ll need once your little bundle of joy makes an appearance, it becomes all the more difficult not to feel completely stressed out. Add to that the strain to find a name for your newborn and well it can send any baby bump toting lady right over the edge. Let us help you mark "find a baby name" off your to-do list!

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If you're looking for ways that you and your spouse can work together to come up with name ideas, each parent can make lists of names in certain categories. Give one another a few days to complete your lists, and then bring them together to see what you each wrote down.

Baby name category ideas:

Tip #11: Your favorite teachers or coaches

Remember that eighth grade teacher who inspired you to come out of your shell and encouraged you to find your writing voice. You could honor her and that memory by naming your baby after her.

Tip #12:  Your favorite athletes

Peyton Manning, Kobe Bryant and Serena Williams are just a few athletes who would make great baby names.

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Tip #13:  Your favorite movie characters

If you're a Godfather fan; Vito Corleone would be a great way to pay homage to that film, or in honor of Indiana Jones—the name Indiana!

From Cullen to Jasper, you are sure to find a cool baby name in our list of Twilight names.

Tip #14: Your favorite authors

Whether it's Albert Camus, Ernest Hemingway or J.D. Salinger the important thing is that the name will possess a special significance for you and in that way it will be incredibly unique.

Be inspired with our list of Top Literary Baby Names.

Tip #15: Your favorite flowers or trees

Do you love roses, daisies or marigolds? All can be lovely names for a baby.

Parents can put all the names they come up with in a bowl and pick from it -- the first name chosen is the first name and the second name chosen is the middle name.


More baby name tips:


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Comments on "15 Ways to find a cool baby name"

Cyd September 09, 2010 | 2:50 PM

That could actually be more appropriate than some of these. ;) I actually pity the future teachers of a class of all Vitos, Kobes, and *gasp* Cullens. Even unusual ancestral names from the families are better since they're at least meaningful. Dorothea Lucinda after both Grandmas is sure better than some fad pop culture reference that won't mean anything in a few years. The fad nonsense can be a nickname until the amusement wears off (and with unusual names like that, they'll likely want nicknames anyway.) You know, if the parents are wanting someone to have a significantly weird name, (not just unusual so there won't be another kid in the class with the same name, but really odd,) then they should try it themselves. Go to another town and introduce themselves to the waiter as "Peyton and Marigold Smith" to see how many odd looks are exchanged. Better still, somewhere that provides "Hi, my name is:" badges. If they're embarrassed to be called "Jamaica Martini" then they should consider how the poor kid would feel. And finally, unusual spellings of common names are a fad that should have run its course. "Anne with an 'e'" is sure preferable to having to spell out "Syndi" at every appointment. This concludes my dissertation. ;)

Aimee July 20, 2010 | 9:22 AM

You could also try using a Ouija board or throw darts at the alphabet and just take whatever comes.

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