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Sometimes, you have to take a step back from the seriousness of life and just laugh. What better excuse than April Fools' Day? Here are a few ways to create a fun and memorable experience for your kids on April 1.

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No one loves a good joke as much as a kid. Just spend a day with the under-10 set, and you're sure to hear at least a few knock-knock jokes — maybe even a few that are funny. Kids plan elaborate pranks and schemes, and even if they can't quite pull them off, they revel so much in the planning that you can't help but get caught up in their enthusiasm. So let yourself catch the spirit this year for April Fools' Day with our winning list of tricks and treats.


The right side of the wrong bed

Let your kids know that something's up from the moment they wake up in the morning. When they're sound asleep the night before, carefully switch them to different beds, in different rooms if possible. Obviously, if you have kids who need their routines for stability, this prank isn't a good one — but most kids between the ages of 6 and 10 will really get a kick out of waking up someplace unexpected.


A little bathroom business

Pranks should always be light-hearted and fun. You want your kids to laugh, but you don't want them to feel foolish. This trick will definitely have them smiling. Roll up a two-dollar bill inside a toilet paper roll for them to find when they give it a yank in the morning.


Fun with the phones

If you have a child who is old enough to use the phone, leave him or her a message — either on your voicemail, or written on a handy pad of paper — from Mr. Lyon, requesting an urgent call back about a lunch meeting. The phone number your child will dial will connect him or her to… the local zoo, of course!


Bowl them over with balloons

You can adapt this trick according to your child's personality. For younger or more easily startled kids, rig a basket full of small balloons (think water-balloon size, without the water) to spill over and greet the entrant as he passes through the doorway. For older kids and those who aren't fazed by loud noises, blow up several normal sized balloons and wind their tails together, but don't tie them shut. Carefully close the tails in a doorway to hold them in place. When your child opens the door, the balloons will (noisily) shoot around the room.


Enjoy a backwards meal

Tell your kids that to round out the day, you're going to have a backwards dinner — you'll start with cake. Bring out a platter and unveil it with much fanfare. They'll see a beautifully frosted confection. But when you slice it — or when they bite into it — they'll discover that it's actually a meatloaf cake, frosted with mashed potatoes. Once dinner has been eaten, serve dessert — sushi rolls made from rice krispies wrapped in fruit rolls.


Ball pit bathtime

End the day on a fun note. After dinner, send the kids up for a bath. When they get there, they'll find the tub has been turned into a ball pit. Let them goof off for a bit before they wash your last trick down the drain.

April Fools' Day is a great time to channel your inner child and have fun with your kids. Just beware — after your day of pranks, they'll have an entire year to plan how they'll get you back.

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Comments on "6 April Fools' Day pranks and tricks for kids"

Kate Parker March 25, 2014 | 5:09 AM

go downstairs and into the fridge and get out the hot sauce and ketchup then put a lot of hot sauce into the ketchup bottle.The next thing you do is ask your mom dad if you can have chicken fingers for dinner. Once you are having dinner let your brother or sister or brother use the ketchup first!!!!! THEN A NEW PRANK WILL BE BORN!!!!!!!!! P.S dont mess this up!

blue cereal April 01, 2013 | 10:47 AM

put some food coloring in you kids milk it will not hurt them. you can pick any color. blue is a great color. most people use it. they will be so surprised. do it the night before

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