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How should you prepare for the adoption home study? Whether you go through a private agency or the birth country of your potential son or daughter, you will have to undergo a home study. Although the process may seem intimidating, you can increase your chances of reaching your main goal -- adopting a child -- with just a little preparation.

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Make appointments

Schedules can get hectic, so make an appointment with your doctor to obtain a health statement, which will be required as part of the home study.  

Safety first

Make sure your home meets state standards, such as working smoke detectors, safe firearm storage and adequate space for each child.  

Open the lines of communication

Major parenting and family issues that are likely to come up include your views on discipline, child care, parenting roles, religion, etc. as well as your reasons for adopting. Set time aside long before the social worker visits to discuss these topics with your spouse.  

Put in a good word

You will be required to submit non-family references to your social worker, so begin to confirm which friends and coworkers are willing to provide a testimonial of your character when the time comes.

The goal of the home study is to place the right children with the right families, so your social worker is working in the best interests for everyone involved. So get your documents in order and smile. You are on your way to opening your home to a child in need of a great family like yours! 

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