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Are you looking for a unique baby name to help your child stand out in a crowd? We scoured baby names to come up with the top 25 for boys and girls (in alphabetical order) to help you narrow down your search.

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Unique Boys names

  1. Abel - This Hebrew name means breath.
  2. Ace - This Latin name means unity.
  3. Barker - Has this name gone to the dogs? Nah, it's actually an English name that means lumberjack or advertiser at a carnival.
  4. Beau - This French name means handsome.
  5. Carney - A strong name, this Irish and Scottish name means victorious or fighter.
  6. Dedrick - This German name means ruler of the people.
  7. Erol - This Turkish name means strong or courageous.
  8. Falkner - Give a nod to great literature with this English name that means trainer of falcons.
  9. Garrett - This Irish name means brave spearman.
  10. Hamlin - This German and French name means loves his home.
  11. Hutton - This English name means house on the jutting ledge.
  12. Istu - This Native American name means sugar pine.
  13. Jaali - This Swahili name means powerful.
  14. Keegan - This is an Irish name that means little or fiery.
  15. Laird - This Scottish name means wealthy landowner. Don't we all wish we were that?
  16. Meir - This Hebrew name means one who brightens.
  17. Nuriel - This Hebrew and Arabic name means fire of the Lord.
  18. Odin - This name, which is also the name of the Norse god of wisdom and war, is Scandinavian and means ruler.
  19. Payne - This Latin name means from the country.
  20. Quigley - Moms, you'll love this Irish name's meaning: maternal side.
  21. Radley - How rad is this English name? It means red meadow or meadow of reeds.
  22. Seldon - This English name means willow tree valley.
  23. Tate - This Native American Name means long-winded talker.
  24. Urban - This Latin name means city dweller or courteous. Being from New York, I am not sure those go hand in hand.
  25. Witter - This English name means wise warrior.

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