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When you are looking for the perfect name for your baby, not just any name will do. It needs to be meaningful, and you may even want it to tie into your culture. Spanish baby names are rich with meaning and culture. If you are looking for an exotic name, check out our pick of the top Spanish names for boys and girls!

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Spanish Names with English equivalents

Some names that are popular in the English language (but are not necessarily English names) have unique and interesting equivalents in Spanish. These 25 great variations in girls' and boys' names lend some variety to popular names.

Girl names 

Abril -- April
Alejandra -- Alexandra
Alicia -- Alice
Analee -- Anna
Brigida -- Bridget
Caridad -- Charity
Carlota -- Charlotte
Elisa -- Elizabeth
Eloisa -- Louise
Iñes -- Agnes
Isabella -- Elizabeth
Luisa -- Louise
Katia -- Katherine
Marta -- Martha
Nelida -- Eleanor
Nohemi -- Naomi
Perla -- Pearl
Shoshana -- Lily
Teresita -- Theresa
Zandra -- Alexandra

Boy names

Alejandro - Alexander
Andres -- Andrew
Antonio -- Anthony
Danilo -- Daniel
Duarte -- Edward
Esteban - Stephen
Felipe - Phillip
Jorge -- George
Josu -- Joshua
Juan -- John
Luis -- Louis
Miguel -- Michael
Pablo -- Paul
Pancho -- Frank
Patricio -- Patrick
Pedro -- Peter
Pepe -- Joseph
Raul -- Ralph
Roberto -- Robert
Timoteo -- Timothy

Strong Baby names

Looking for a name that conveys strength? These five Spanish baby names for boys and girls all mean "strong," in one way or another.

Spanish girl names 


Spanish boy names 


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Comments on "Spanish baby names and meanings"

Isa December 05, 2010 | 4:16 PM

Most of these names are not Spanish at all, especially the girl names. Some real Spanish names for girls: Isabel, María, Lucía, Aitana, Sonia, Laura, Julia, Carmen, Inmaculada, Rosa, Meritxell, Montse, Candela... And for boys: Pedro, Pablo, Juan, Agustín, Víctor, David, Daniel, Mateo, Marcos, Lucas, Oscar, Raúl, Rubén, Francisco, Antonio, Jorge (Jordi), Héctor, Ángel, José Luis...

Anon September 24, 2010 | 12:36 PM

Just for the record, whoever made these names needs to check into the origins again... Adriana, Bella and Kasandra, and MOST OF THE GUYS NAMES are actually Italian, not Spanish.

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